Porch Moment

By Jessica Gregory

This poem was written in my sophomore year, and while I would love to do more work on it, I actually really love it as is! Hope you enjoy!


If there’s one moment

I’d like to go back to, back to

The feeling of

It would be my fourth

First kiss.

We were standing on

My front porch

Bathed in

Image courtesy of keithdotson

An uneven spotlight

From two bulbs on either

Side of the door.

One was fluorescent yellow

one was golden,

So half of you looked a

Tad pasty while

The other half looked

like summer,

and that warmed me

Just enough so

That I could

Drape my arms over

Your shoulders.

You reached up and

Slowly, finger by finger, then

Palm, rested your hand

You kept looking

Up, then down

Then back up

At my face as I looked

Forward, then right,

Then forward.

If I could visibly blush

I promise you my entire

Face would have been

A tomato,

Because then you took a



And those white

puffs of air coming out of

Your mouth

Intermingled with mine.

You were

That close

Your eyes

Were right there

Your lips were

Right there.

Your other hand slid onto

My hip, and I wasn’t

Sure which of us was


Or what we were

Shivering for.

It wasn’t cold like this,

Like this while my

Eyes quit trying to feign

Distraction and locked

Onto your pinkish


Then my eyes closed

And my let my head

Tilt sideways, moving

Forward slow so I

Wouldn’t crash.

But I moved so slow

I almost missed your

Lips slowly pressing

Against me

They were so soft

You were so soft,

Careful as if you

Were handling

Something precious

And breakable.


We pulled back

So fast I wasn’t sure it

Actually happened.

So I had to do it again,

Placing my palm on

Your cheek and

Letting my closing


Pull you toward me again.

This, this was my first kiss.

The others no

longer counted.


Jessica Gregory is a senior at Barnard and Editor in Chief of Barnard Bite


Fork in the Road

By Manuela Hiches

There was fork in the road once. Many people passed by it and never gave it a thought. Until one day little Nelly the Meddler stopped before the fork.

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Editor Spotlight – Allison Yeh

Give a warm welcome to our wonderful Lead Editor for the Features section, Allison Yeh!


Allison is a junior majoring in English! She also really likes donuts (if we were to use the above photo as any indication).

Allison is normally known for rad puns (in which she means bad puns), napping, and spending 90% of day thinking about food. Grandma status (including Eileen Fisher garments, reclining chairs, and books) is her current aspiration as well as writing an essay the day it is assigned, not the day it is due.

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Editor Spotlight – Olivia Nathan

Our next feature is our wonderful Opinion Editor Olivia Nathan!


She is a junior majoring in English.

Olivia is a Los Angeles native with pre-hipster Silverlake roots and a love of literature. She is truly terrible at tic tac toe, but hopes to counter this weakness (and a few others) by becoming a connoiseur of Motown music– which she programs regularly on WKCR. If she could she would watch Masterpiece Classics five (okay nine) hours a day and join a Forsyte Saga support group.

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Editor Spotlight – Priscilla Maccario

Hello everyone!

Barnard Bite has been working very hard this semester to transform our brand and bring our readers quality content. Over the next several days, we’ll be showing you the faces behind the blog.

We so, so appreciate the time and effort they put into the club. We couldn’t have come this far without them and look forward to their work in the future!

Without further ado, meet Priscilla Maccario, our Lead Editor for the Opinion tag.

What? She has a churro? We’re jealous!

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by Olivia Nathan


2010-ewhite-draw-applesmiss you, you

pawing at the moonlight,

pink slivers of grapefruit

floating in the pool.

The water a blanket on our toes–

“how will I know,” you asked

blue fingernail against plum skin,

“how will I know it’s completely peeled?”


Olivia is a junior at Barnard and Opinion Editor for Barnard Bite. 

(image courtesy of http://www.eveaustinwhite.com/tag/graphite/)