Does College Feel a Bit Crowded?



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by Ruby Samuels

Last Tuesday, I walked into class after class on the first day of my last year of college to hear the same announcement from each and every professor: the course was overbooked and students would have to drop. Read More »


Black Stage; White World



By Ruby Samuels

The National Black Theater may be small in both reputation and stature compared to the Broadway giants a few miles to its south, but NBT has an important role to play on a national stage that is crowded by white people who constantly hire each other.Read More »

Editor Feature – Ruby Samuels

Our next feature is one of Barnard Bite’s On-Campus editors! She’s a junior at Barnard majoring in sociology.


To lure a Ruby, one must sing Otis Redding dressed as Elvis Presley while riding a Nimbus 2000 broomstick and holding a Kafka short story book in one hand and dark chocolate in the other.  Ruby intends to become Woody Guthrie sometime in the next five years, which is why you might discover she has done quite a bit of rambling and roaming.

Thank you for all you do!

Housing Review: Elliott

imgCorridor-style, mostly singles with four doubles per floor. There are two 12-person clusters per floor that share the lounge, but each comes with its own bathroom and kitchen. Singles are tiny; they’re not terrible, but there’s little room to move around. The doubles have a decent amount of space if you arrange the furniture right. Each room contains a bed, desk, chair, and built-in wardrobe with dressers, a shelf, and a fridge alcove.

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