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Dear Friend

By Manuela Hiches


Dear Friend

I have missed you so

During the Summer and Spring

I miss you too

You come by a couple of times

But not everyday

When Autumn comes you seem to disappear

I miss you so

All our memories

Start to fade

But I will remember

Like no other

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Why Everyone Should Be Watching Broad City

By Clara Butler

Abbi and Ilana are the perfect comedy duo

Broad City is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. Described as the “female version of Workaholics”, the show centers around two 20-something women living and working in NYC and getting themselves into ridiculous, yet strangely relatable, situations. Abbi and Ilana, who are also great friends in real life, decided to make their web-series into an actual show with the help of another UCB alum, their executive producer Amy Poehler. And you know if Amy Poehler is in favor of this show, it has to be great.

The show is not only amazing because of the two female leads but also because of the array of supporting characters that make the show the comedic masterpiece it is. Trey (Abbi’s boss at the Soulcycle-esqe gym she works at) is hilariously douchey yet also one of Abbi’s friends. His shtick is that he always seems to block her dreams of becoming a trainer, rather than the janitor she is. Ilana’s boss at her job is also hilariously afraid of her and frequently talks about what his therapist has told him to say to Ilana. The working environments at both jobs are not exactly true to most experiences but at least they show that not everyone can live off of writing a column once a week (looking at you, Carrie).

Lincoln being Lincoln

But one of my favorite characters on the show has to be Ilana’s kind-of-boyfriend, Lincoln. He’s basically the perfect guy because he’s constantly looking for commitment and is always nothing but sweet to Ilana. He is also a dentist and constantly provides both dental support to Abbi and Ilana as well as moral support when following along with their hijinks. Hannibal Buress, who is a genius at stand-up comedy in real life, makes Lincoln incredibly lovable with a great sense of subtle humor mixed in.

Abbi and Ilana’s friendship, though, may be my favorite part of the show. Broad City passes the Bechdel Test in every single episode since unlike other shows centered around girls living in NYC, like Sex and the City and Girls, their lives do not revolve around men and they are almost always content with just hanging out with each other. There is also a one-sided sexual tension between Abbi and Ilana since Ilana constantly alludes to hooking up with Abbi. This, and the fact that they have almost nothing about their lives figured out, makes for a spectacular show that brings so much craziness, yet reality, into each 20-minute episode.

Broad City airs on Comedy Central but the original web-series is available on Youtube.

Clara Butler is a Junior at Barnard College and is the Girl Talk, Opinions, and New York Editor of The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of The Huffington Post and Tumblr.