About Us

Barnard Bite is a blog dedicated to reporting on all things Barnard and of interest to Barnard students. We categorize our posts into three sections titled Opinion, On-Campus, and Features, giving readers a wide scope of writing (and art!) to read and view. Opinion is dedicated to posts on any subject that inspires our writers. On-Campus includes news and reports about events/clubs/other our side of Broadway. Features is a new section added in Fall 2016, aims to showcase the talent of fellow students by posting their creative works.

Executive Board 2016-2017


Ruby Samuels

Vice President and Club Liaison

Sinead Hunt


Grace Armstrong

Social Media Specialist

Olivia Nathan

Lead Editor | Opinion

Priscilla Maccario

Lead Editor | Features

Allison Yeh

Lead Editor | On-Campus

Shaina Twardus


Editors 2016-17

Ruby Samuels

*want your name to be here? Join us by e-mailing biteblog@barnard.edu!


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