Letter From The New Editor


By Ruby Samuels

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Ruby Samuels. I enjoy writing, running, boxing, talking to strangers and long walks on the beach. I also enjoy being part of the Barnard Bite, which I am proud, excited and nervous to announce has elected me Editor-in-Chief.

Whether you worked a 9-5 internship, traveled the world or started a lemonade stand over the summer, the school year has inevitably returned and the Barnard Bite is ready to write all about it. As the new Editor in Chief, I can’t wait to post new articles, meet new writers and reach a bigger audience than ever before.

The Barnard Bite stands out because in addition to journalistic articles, we use creative story telling, art and comic relief to inform our audience about the things that we can’t stop thinking about. This year, the blog hopes to host more events (like the Story Buzz storytelling event that we hosted last year), bring in more writers and use multimedia to tell stories through video, recorded interviews and more.

Although the previous chiefs of the blog, Jess Gregory and Manuela Hiches, are now alumni in the real world, they have promised to visit every so often to make sure that our writers are still inspiring readers to explore the newsworthy world beyond convention, beyond textbooks and beyond the presidential headlines that we see every day.

Thank you to all of the writers, readers and graduated editors in chief of the Barnard Bite for everything that you do!

Lastly, I want to introduce the executive board of the Barnard Bite:

Executive Board 2016-2017


Ruby Samuels

Vice President and Club Liaison

Sinead Hunt


Grace Armstrong

Social Media Specialist

Olivia Nathan

Lead Editor | Opinion

Priscilla Maccario

Lead Editor | Features

Allison Yeh

Lead Editor | On-Campus

Shaina Twardus



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