The Rack Shack


If you’ve ever had trouble finding a bra that fits – actually, ACTUALLY fits – then I strongly suggest you check out The Rack Shack in Brooklyn.


The store is really cute, to start. Its white walls and elegant peacock decorations give it both a ‘high-end specialty store’ AND welcoming atmosphere. When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by the owner, Laura Henny, who was eager to help us find our proper fit.


The store sports a selection of bras sized 28A – 38HH in a wide range of colors and styles. Laura took the time to find the correct size and style that worked for me. I was pretty nervous about trying to find a bra that looked AND felt nice. In fact, I was convinced I wouldn’t find anything. In the end, though, I walked out with a brand new bra that I absolutely adore. No more sliding around or cutting into my sides!


The store also sells various lingerie items as well as sex-positive products like collars.


In terms of pricing, the store is a little on the more expensive side. Unfortunately, that’s expected when you’re looking for high-quality lingerie for body types outside the perceived “norm” (or even in it, frankly). However, I do think that it was worth the price. At the very least I suggest using the store to determine the size and brand you prefer. Additionally, there were a few styles on sale.


All and all, I think The Rack Shack is worth a visit! It’s also really easy to get to – just take the M train to the Central Avenue stop.


Oh, and she’s trans friendly, a feminist, and promotes body positivism. What could be better?


Visit The Rack Shack at

155 Central Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Open weekdays (except Tuesdays) 12pm to 9pm

Open weekends 11am to 6pm



Jessica Gregory is a senior at Barnard and Editor in Chief for Barnard Bite


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