Dear Friend

By Manuela Hiches


Dear Friend

I have missed you so

During the Summer and Spring

I miss you too

You come by a couple of times

But not everyday

When Autumn comes you seem to disappear

I miss you so

All our memories

Start to fade

But I will remember

Like no other

When Winter comes you get cold

You come to me in a different form

You make everyone happy, but not me

I want you for myself

Your Summertime and Spring

You may spend Winter with everyone else

But you won’t be as happy as you are with me

Dear Friend

I long for you to come

To turn my dread into nothing more


Make me feel calm again

Please my Dear Friend

Come back when I ask

To see you run down my window is enough

To hear you play the drum on the ground

So loud you deafen others, just to please me

You drench what should be dry

My Dear Friend, the Rain

Manuela Hiches is a senior at Barnard and Vice President and Treasurer for Barnard Bite


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