A word from the Editor

Hello everyone! 

Barnard Bite has been on a short hiatus in conjunction with finals and winter holidays. This break will continue through January 1st while we rework some things behind the scenes. A few posts may pop up here and there, but please be patient with us while we continue our re-vamping process.

This first semester has been a whirlwind of “new”. We gained new members, new staff, new logo, and new structure. Now that all of that shiny stuff is settling into routine, it’s time to take the blog to the next level.

In the spring semester, here’s what we’re committing to:

  1. At least one EVENT hosted by Barnard Bite.
  2. New site design!
  3. Further efforts for campus outreach. We will be collecting submissions from guest writers more frequently.
  4. Streamlined, consistent feature section.
  5. The return of our active Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

I certainly hope that you’ll stick with us on our journey. I’m immeasurably grateful for the people who helped build our club this semester – staff, editors, readers, and our wonderful club advisor. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot wait to see where we go next.

Stay awesome (and warm),


Editor in Chief


P.S. If you want to join up in the spring, feel free to e-mail us at biteblog@barnard.edu.










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