Popping the Bubble Week 8: 13.1 (s)miles


By Sinead Hunt

This weekend, while my peers were busy gorging themselves on turkey and binge-watching Gilmore Girls, I was off running a half-marathon. Running a half-marathon has been a long-term goal of mine, and I was elated to finally have the opportunity to check this item off my list. The half-marathon I ran took place in the sleepy town of Pelham, which, incidentally, is incredibly small, only 2.1 square miles in size. Therefore, the half-marathon course was extremely complicated, with many twists and turns. However, the course was well marked, and there were plenty of volunteers to direct the runners. The town’s enthusiasm for this event, as evidenced by the sheer number of volunteers and spectators, was incredibly impressive. Along the way, I was cheered on by tons of Pelham residents, and I was thankful for their words of encouragement, as every step past mile 9 was sheer agony.


Although the course was very difficult, with many steep hills, I did finish with a time of 1 hour and 57 minutes, placing first in the Women’s 19 and Under Division. Ultimately, it was a great experience, and I feel very glad to have participated.

Sinead Hunt is  a first-year at Barnard and Liaison for Barnard Bite.


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