Fork in the Road

By Manuela Hiches

There was fork in the road once. Many people passed by it and never gave it a thought. Until one day little Nelly the Meddler stopped before the fork.

“Why do you divide this road if they lead to the same place?” Nelly asked.

The fork was astounded at first, for no one had ever questioned its purpose for being there.

“Well, if there was only one road on your way home then how much fun would that be? Everyone deserves to have a choice in which path they choose.”

Nelly tilted her head. “But what if the path I want, is to go straight?”

The fork smiled. “Then I can only abide by your choice.”

The fork stepped aside to show a third road that led straight home. The path was filled with beautiful flowers and little critters that ran about, enjoying life.

Nelly’s eyes grew in shock. “Why were you hiding this!?” she exclaimed.

“Because it is one’s choice to travel the happier road.”

Nelly smiled before she rushed off the straight path, thanking the fork. The fork smiled and moved back to its original location, blocking the straight path. Nelly grew up to understand that sometimes you have to discover the path to happiness.

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Manuela is a senior at Barnard and Vice President/Treasurer for Barnard Bite.


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