Popping the Bubble Week Four: The Wonder of Greenwich Village

By Sinead Hunt

This week, despite a prolonged lack of sleep brought by midterms, I nonetheless dragged my drowsy ass down to Greenwich Village. This venture was the result of both an earnest desire to fulfill an original promise to myself, and an indefatigable refusal to let down my readership (AKA all of my friends to whom I subject my shameless self-advertising on this blog).

Today, NY locals have abbreviated Greenwich Village to simply “the village.” In my NY naivety, however, I might have misconstrued this convenient abbreviation, thereby excitedly informing my parents that I was headed to simply “Greenwich.” This proclamation confused them, naturally, as no one is that excited to go to Connecticut.

Greenwich Village is famous for a number of reasons: it has been an artist’s haven, a Bohemian capital and perhaps most importantly, the cradle of the modern LGBT movement (Thanks, @Wikipedia!). Today, Greenwich Village looms large in the mind of Columbia students as the home to the bane of their collective existence: NYU. Yes, that’s right. I made my foray into enemy territory (Wait…what do we have against NYU, again?)




Spotted in the village: a foolish soul abandons his Big Gay Ice Cream Shop delicacy on the side of the road. The apotheosis of eternal folly.





If I learned anything from my brief sojourn into Greenwich Village, it is the real reason behind Columbia’s animosity towards their downtown neighbor. I have come to realize that this enmity stems from jealousy, as Greenwich Village trumps Morningside Heights in every way imaginable. Seriously, here in Morningside, we’re preternaturally proud of the fact that we finally have a SweetGreen. Meanwhile, NYU students are in close proximity to Black Tap Milkshakes and Big Gay Ice Cream. Maybe we here in Morningside are simply bitter because we have to rely on watery “Frostline” from JJ’s every time we’re hankering for something sweet (Seriously though, can someone please explain exactly what “Frostline” is?)

Not only is Greenwich Village guilty of being the most aesthetically-pleasing NY neighborhood I’ve ever laid eyes on, with well-kept, uniform brownstones and honest to god lamplights, it is also every foodie Instagrammer’s wet dream. Greenwich Village offers everything from Vietnamese sandwiches (Saigon Shack) to some of the most famous, upscale dining in NY (Gotham Bar and Grill….if you actually have the means to afford their $26 tuna tartare, then I am eternally jealous of you). If you ever find yourself sick of chowing down on Diana thin crust pizza (albeit highly improbable), just remember that you’re only a short subway ride away from Bleecker Street Pizza, where you can enjoy a classic NY slice.

Soup Dumplings from Ramen Thupka on 7th Avenue S.

Sinead Hunt is a first-year at Barnard and Liaison for Barnard Bite.


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