Photo Friday Week 4: Inktober

This week, #PhotographyFriday is bending the rules! This time, we’re featuring not one, not two, but three beautiful drawings by Michelle Lee, completed for the Inktober challenge! We saw these on Instagram and just had to ask if we may share them.

First, a few words from Michelle about her participation in Inktober.
“Inktober has been very rewarding for me as an artist – not only because it encourages me to draw everyday, but also because of the community of artists it attracts. You have the opportunity to see a range of styles and people are usually very open about the equipment they use and their drawing process, which can also drive you to experiment with new stuff as well. I really recommend it to anyone who loves drawing.”

Day 3: Collect.

“A woman collecting herbs, asking the bird where they may be.”
Pens Used: Pentel Tradio Pulman, Moma Muji Clear Ball Point Gel Pen (Black, 0.5mm)

Day 15: Relax.

“I was actually trying to de-stress while drawing this, so I ended up drawing my dream weekend beach getaway (if midterms didn’t exist haha…ha…)”

 Pens Used: Studio Series Micro-line Pens (0.20mm) and (0.30 mm) 

Day 14: Tree.

“This was drawn for my friend’s birthday. She really likes gothic/horror stuff so that’s the style I went for.”

Pens Used: Studio Series Micro-line Pens (0.20mm) and (0.25 mm) 
Don’t know what Inktober is? Check it out HERE!

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