The Calm Before the Winter – A Fall Poem

By Breana Hinds

I wonder where the leaves go after they hit the ground and dance around my feet

Perhaps they reconvene at every tree, intermingling colors like honey in tea

I wonder if the increasing chilly winds are mother nature’s sigh of relief,

she kept the summer too warm, it’s time for some calm storms

We need those midnight fall rains to reign and cleanse the sins of the summer,

It’s time for pumpkin spice and a nice, dark, coffee (hold the ice)

I wanna see warm color sherbet ombres in the sky before and after the sunrise,

and falling leaves masking that morning sunrise.

I wanna hear yellow rainboots ceremoniously canoodling with the collections of rain puddles,

and feel that splash of summer’s scorn hit my cool skin.

I’d like to be caressed by the cold air and kissed by the migrating birds

on their way to summer’s house.

I want cup holders and hoodies, timb boots and melted marshmallows

It’s time to despise the cool side of my pillow,

I want to finally be able to appreciate the sweat between us as we cuddle,

a sure sign of the battling temperatures on either side of the window-

Like the struggle between light and dark around 5 o’clock…

I’m patiently waiting on the hand turkeys and their basted cousins.

and much like the leaves, my braids twirl in the air as her chilly fingers pass through my hair-

I’ll appreciate the fall if only for a moment-

at least until everything is covered in white.

Autumn in Boston Public Garden
Image courtesy of Forbes

Breana Hinds is a junior at Barnard College and a Features Editor for Barnard Bite.


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