Where Did We Sit on the Bus?

By Alexa Hait

This past weekend, my brother and I were deciding on a show to see. The two of us are huge theatre fans and hadn’t seen anything in a while. There were a handful of shows to decide between: The Encounter, Waitress, and The Color Purple (I’ve seen the last two but my brother has yet to see them). In the end, we settled on an off-off-Broadway show that an actor named Dave Thomas Brown (RIP American Psycho: the Musical) raved about on his Facebook. When I say raved, I mean raved. See for yourself below.



Anyway, the two of us figured since there was that much hype for this show combined with how much cheaper it would be than to see something on Broadway, we were in. Now I am here to tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. By worth it, I mean, incredible. Brian Quijada, the writer and performer of this one man show, told the story of his life as the son of two immigrant parents who gave up everything to start a new life and provide for their family. He delves into his Latino experience and the ways it forced him to grow up. The title, “Where Did We Sit on the Bus?” comes from the time he asked his teacher that exact question while learning about Rosa Parks. The lesson was literally too black and white for Quijada to understand, and the teacher did not even know how to answer his question. Quijada’s story is one that is unfortunately barely ever represented in the media and is one that needs to be heard. If that doesn’t convince you enough to support this man in his theatrical endeavors then maybe the fact that he combines music, beats and spoken word all into this experience will. Quijada himself even posted the following on his Facebook page, “Describing my show to people is tough. Autobiographical, Live Looped, Hip Hop, Spoken Word…uh One Man Extravaganza?” Check out the trailer here to get a glimpse into this life-changing piece and see it before it closes October 9th! You won’t regret it.

Alexa Hait is a first-year at Barnard College and contributor for Barnard Bite.


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