Top Ten Most Frightening Sights at Barnard

By Sinead Hunt

With Halloween just around the corner, ghoulish decorations have become a ubiquitous sight on campus, as students celebrate the arrival of the most spine-chilling, hair-rising holiday. I’m talking about Halloween, of course! However, it doesn’t have to be October 31st for you to celebrate the spooky. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the ten most frightening scenes Barnard students encounter on a daily basis.

1. The frighteningly realistic, redesigned Millie

Use extreme caution when addressing the new Millie. If you stare too closely, her soulless eyes will bore into the depths of your soul, sending you careening towards an acute existential crisis.


2. The mysterious liquid in the Hewitt scrambled eggs

3. A ravaged Diana salad bar 

4. The lifeless corpse of our once-great Magnolia tree

RIP Maggie. 

5. Running into someone from your OL group

You’re trapped in JJ’s, waiting for a burger, when you run into someone from your OL group. You try and avoid eye contact, but it quickly becomes apparent that they have seen you. This hypothetical scenario combines all the worst fears of a Barnard student: waiting for your food, running into someone from NSOP and awkward small talk.

6. Alternatively, someone from your high school taking a tour on campustzos8

This scenario inevitably occurs at the exact moment when you’re still in your PJs, your hair is so matted, it appears to be a bird’s nest, and you have deep bags under your eyes. Your former high school classmate will have inevitably brought their parent along, and together they will silently judge you.

7. The coffee machine in Hewitt is out of French Vanilla

When you push the button, instead of being greeted by the comforting sight of luscious French Vanilla, your eyes are instead accosted by the image of greyish, murky hot water filling your cup.

The line for the Hamilton elevator

9. Your Command Hooks didn’t come off clean

Your Sulz double was looking fly as f*ck thanks to your tasteful use of twinkle lights. One day, however, you worst nightmare comes true, as your Command Hook falls off, ripping a significant chunk of your wall off with it. Panicking, you surreptitiously conceal the giant hole in your wall with a poster, so you can ignore the issue till May.

10. Your midterm grade

Sinead Hunt is a first-year at Barnard and Liaison for Barnard Bite


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