Popping the Bubble: My Attempt to Actually get off Campus

By Sinead Hunt


It was well into my third week at Barnard when I realized I hadn’t left Morningside since
NSOP. I was at the Diana, consuming my fifth coffee of the day, when I began to eavesdrop on a tour that was taking place. The tour guide was addressing a group of wide-eyed high schoolers, excitedly regaling them with the innumerable opportunities New York City has to provide.

Though its location had definitely been a primary factor in my choosing to attend Barnard, I realized that I had become so consumed with schoolwork and stress that Barnard’s location really didn’t matter—I hardly even left Butler anyway.

In that moment, I realized I have a unique gift for making myself miserable. I overload my schedule with activities and clubs, thereby limiting myself from pursuing truly interesting, unique experiences. Everyday, I would walk by fliers posted in Sulzberger for fascinating events and seminars. Whenever I truly considered attending one of them, however, I found myself saying, “No, I’m far too busy for that” or, “I already have a prior obligation.” I was the cause of my own perpetual stress and misery.

Thus, I decided to make a radical change. Now, anytime I see something that interests me, I’ll do it. I’ve composed a list of 100 things I want to do in New York City and at Barnard College, thereby forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and experience the vast opportunities this college, and this city, have to offer. I am popping the Morningside Bubble, and venturing south of 110 th street every week. The purpose of this blog is to not only hold myself accountable for the lofty goal I set, but also to illustrate how Barnumbia students can still take advantage of the city, regardless of how stressed they may be.


Sinead Hunt is a first-year at Barnard and Liaison for Barnard Bite. This is the first in a series of blogs from Sinead, in which she will chronicle her efforts to ‘break the bubble’ and check items off her bucket list. 


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