Trouble at the Labor Day Parade

by Breana Hinds

maxresdefaultOne of the largest cultural celebrations in NYC is the Labor Day parade. Residents and non-residents of NYC travel to the notorious borough, Brooklyn, to celebrate and bask in the ambience of the festival
called J’Ouvert, which is held before dawn each Labor Day. Although beautiful in its intentions and core values, it’s likely not televised because of the huge amount of violence that typically ensues during the festivities. Much like they did this year when several young lives were pointlessly taken. A 22-year-old woman, Tiarah Poyau, was fatally shot in the eye after saying “No” to a man who was making advances toward her during the parade and 17-year-old Tyreke Borel who was caught in a gunman’s crossfire. The police eventually apprehended the suspect, however, young lives were still senselessly lost. Even float DJs took time during the event to stop and discuss the ways that black lives are senselessly taken each year. Including, giving the message that

1473094067471“[this] was supposed to be a celebration of love and heritage and people who aren’t even directly Caribbean come and ruin the event for happy parade goers each year.” Luckily, the culprit was apprehended and feminist everywhere can yet again scold men for the follies of their fellow males.

Breana Hinds is a sophomore at Barnard a Features Editor for Barnard Bite.


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