NSOP: A First Year’s First Experience

by Priscilla Maccario


The first day of college: the day every straight-outta-high-school student has been counting down to since graduation. You’ve introduced yourself to everyone you’ve met on the elevator (and then forgotten their names), shared your hometown, and asked which dorm they live in. Fast forward through what seems to be hundreds of icebreakers and excursions, and you are starting to settle into Barnard… or not. 

Through my OL group (Milbank 4 (life!)), I found people I could count on to go to Ferris with or watch my first episode of Gilmore Girls. However, I know others were not as lucky. You may not have met your best friend yet, and that’s normal. How can you during the first week of a four-year journey? It may have felt like everybody already has their “squad” but there’s so much time to form relationships; from a cultural club or a 3 AM bathroom encounter, the opportunity is unforeseeable. To facilitate this, friendliness is crucial hold the elevator door, lend a pair of sneakers, or ask the person sitting next to you in a huge lecture what their name is. Easily, the decision to reach out can quite literally change your life. NSOP revealed to me the opposite of the calm before the storm, and it’s pivotal to explore and be unafraid because that’s what we, Barnard women, major in.

mrw-i-run-into-a-high-school-acquaintance-on-the-first-day-of-college-139241Priscilla Maccario is a first-year at Barnard and Lead Editor for Barnard Bite.


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