Advice for Housing Selection!


by Jessica Gregory

Hi everyone! I noticed that lot of people are still choosing housing and trying to figure out who to room with, what building to go for, and what floor to choose. I thought I’d provide a few tips that got me through the chaotic housing selection process!

  1. Communicate! 


First thing’s first. You NEED to talk to your suitemates. Do not expect that it will all work out like magic. Communication is what put me and my housing group in great situations during all of our selection days. Don’t be afraid to tell people your housing desires. They are just as important as everyone else’s! This will also help curb potential living-style and/or personality clashes in the oncoming semesters.

  1. Get your proxy forms sooner than later!


PLEASE get your proxy forms done! If you think you MIGHT not be able to make your housing appointment time, get a proxy form just in case. They are downloadable HERE.


  1. Have back up plans [for people AND housing]


This is just as important as communication, and goes right along with it. If you want to live in the 600s, make sure you have several suites picked out that you wouldn’t mind living in. Some of them may not be ideal in EVERY way, but it’ll feel good to know you have more than one option to bank on.


  1. Read housing reviews


This could make or break your choice! There are housing reviews available on Bwog, Nine Ways (that’s us!), Spectrum, and the ResLife Portal! People have given their opinions of, not just the building itself, but their specific floors and rooms. You may decide that you really like the view on the 15th floor of Plimpton but not the way its kitchen is laid out. Read away!


  1. Don’t be afraid of the guaranteed housing list.


It’s not a fun thought, and it is the last resort for most people, but the guaranteed housing list is just that – guaranteed housing. You WILL be put somewhere and, chances are, you might like it or even make new friends! Don’t worry about it too much or think about it too hard – focus on the present and all the pieces may fall into place.


Best of luck with housing!

Jessica Gregory is a junior at Barnard and Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Nine Ways of Knowing.


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