Housing Review: 601 W 110TH ST

110thst110 began its life as an apartment building, so there is a wide variety in room size and layout. Many of the bathrooms are still sparkling from recent renovation, and residents rave about the building’s friendly staff. There are many doubles which can range from outrageously spacious to small and cramped. Some doubles are awkwardly located within a suite (walk-through), and there are multiple instances in the floor plan where identical rooms (directly above or below one another) will be assigned to different numbers of people. The parts of the building that hasn’t been bought up by ResLife are still apartments, although many are occupied by students.


They are fairly new and in good condition (at least in most of the rooms). Many of the larger bathrooms have bathtubs, and some larger suites can have multiple bathrooms.


Whether you have a kitchen varies so check the floorplan, because some rooms have a kitchenette (mini-fridge, stove top and sink) as opposed to kitchens that fridges, stove tops and an oven.


  • The building staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and quick with repairs
  • You don’t necessarily have to sign guests in, and staff can call up to your room if you can’t meet them downstairs
  • Food delivery will come directly to your door!
  • Location is probably the most ideal of all the residential buildings: West Side, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Five Guys, Chipotle and Starbucks are all within easy distance
  • Rooms are much more spacious than anything you’ll find closer to campus
  • Walls are thick, noise between apartments isn’t much of a problem
  • Some furniture isn’t standard-dorm room issue, which can make it feel more homey
  • Walk to campus can be enjoyable in nice weather
  • Non-student neighbors can be nice, especially if they have adorable small children!
  • Distance from campus can give it a nice apartment-feel and make it feel more like living in the city
  • Good views on Broadway and 110th.
  • Built in closets, some kitchens are well-sized too
  • Laundry is more convenient than in other dorms—it’s very uncommon to have to wait for a machine


  • Elevators are very slow
  • Some pest problems (reported issues with mice and roaches)
  • Distance from campus means you have to count in at least 10 minutes if you’re trying to get to class on time
  • Not particularly social (partially due to non-student residents)
  • Broadway can be noisy
  • No AC
  • Walkthrough doubles have very little privacy
  • Some roommates might need to share a closet
  • No WiFi (you’ll have to buy your own)
  • For the most part, you’ll also have to buy your own toilet paper
  • Nine-person suites can also be overwhelming
  • Most rooms are have limited lighting—be prepared to provide your own lighting
  • Rooms facing Broadway on lower floors provide great people watching opportunities—but everyone on the street can watch you right back


  • Darkest rooms tend to be on the sides that are shafted or underneath awnings on the entrance side of the building
  • Best views are from rooms that face Broadway or 110th
  • Some of the suite situations can be very unique in 110 (e.g., walk-through and studio doubles) Know the exact situation of the room and how you’re going to work this out with your suitemates beforehand—if possible, visit the current residents and find out how they dealt with the room.
  • Consider changing walkthrough doubles into quad and a common room by moving all the beds into the bedroom-proper.
  • K3 doubles and triples have bay windows, and some suites can even have two bathrooms

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