Housing Review: Elliott

imgCorridor-style, mostly singles with four doubles per floor. There are two 12-person clusters per floor that share the lounge, but each comes with its own bathroom and kitchen. Singles are tiny; they’re not terrible, but there’s little room to move around. The doubles have a decent amount of space if you arrange the furniture right. Each room contains a bed, desk, chair, and built-in wardrobe with dressers, a shelf, and a fridge alcove.


Shared hall-style with two showers, two toilets, and three sinks. There’s hardly a problem getting a shower, and the bathrooms are cleaned regularly.



The kitchen has a sink, and electric oven and stove. There is also pantry space in the hallway by the kitchen which you are free to put all of your kitchen supplies in.


  • Close to campus (just across Claremont from the gate at 119th)
  • Especially close to Altschul (Science majors, you feelin’ me?)
  • Not too far from the Diana Center via the tunnel system (nice for Architecture majors)
  • Privacy
  • Two kitchens per floor
  • Nice, large lounge with TV on each floor
  • Career development and the babysitting and bartending offices are located on the second floor
  • Computer lab on the first floor


  • Small rooms
  • Thin walls
  • Narrow hallways
  • Closed for winter break
  • Very few rooms with good views. Any that do are mostly on the west side of the building


  • The rooms on Claremont and 119th have the most light, but the ones facing the courtyard aren’t bad.
  • A mini fridge is necessary if you want to cook, as the kitchen doesn’t have one.
  • Good choice for people who don’t cook a lot and really want a single
  • Suited for people who are comfortable with just enough space

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