In Defense of Apples

by Jessica Gregory3fe8a6547fde3976d97195932e17d246

It’s the fall and time for Thanksgiving….and you know what that means!

Everyone is frickin’ obsessed with pumpkins.

Pumpkin pies, pumpkin juice, pumpkin stuffing, pumpkin cake, pumpkin scones, pumpkin cinnamon rolls….PUMPKIN SPICE TOOTHPASTE/HAIR COLORING/COFFEE/TOILET PAPER/EVERYTHING.

starbucks-psl-spot-the-spice-challengeIn our obsession with pumpkins we throw them into everything. After Thanksgiving, everyone’s obsession shifts to chocolate, egg nog, cinnamon, and peppermint.

But we have forgotten one very important thing. This thing – this beautiful fruit – is the true staple of fall, and yet we have tossed it aside the same way stores skip right over pretty much every other winter holiday to make way for Christmas.

We have forgotten the apple. The apple is a thousand times better than pumpkins and just as versatile, if not more. No one’s saying that we shouldn’t love pumpkins (I personally really love pumpkin ravioli) but why have we abandoned the true champion of the fall?

c339cabeaf97fb27cabeb8e9c79b1022_xlPumpkin patches are cool, but there is literally nothing more majestic in the world of fruit than an Apple Orchard.  I mean, have you seen them? They can range from a teeny little patch of trees to long expanses full of greenery and of course, apples. Not only that, but there are tons and TONS of apple types and colors existing in the world.

“But Jess, there are tons of types of pumpkins too!”

apple-woaA fair point, reader, but consider this. There are somewhere between 100 and 200 types of pumpkins (if you include other variations of winter squash) with about 50 commonly seen. There are over 7,000 types of apples, 2,5000 in the US, and 100 of those commonly seen.

Apples 1 /Pumpkins 0

Also, have you ever seen a giant apple? Giant pumpkins are commonplace, as are teeny ones. They’re normal. But head to your nearest Farmer’s Market and you’re sure to see the pure magnificence of huge apples.

Not to mention there is one fruit that tastes really, really good raw. The other? Not so much. I wonder which is which?

Apples 2/Pumpkins 0

Lastly, I would like to point to the culinary masterpieces you are able to create with apples. Let us not forget apple pies, apple fritters, apple cake, apple cider donuts, apple ravioli, and apple cider. In addition, apples create pure magic if paired with cinnamon or caramel.

I would like to conclude this rant by assuring you once again that I do love pumpkin and pumpkin flavored things, but let’s not forget the apple, fall fruit extraordinaire.rxqkfpc

Images courtesy of multiple external blogs….and of course Starbucks.

Jessica Gregory is a junior at Barnard and Contributing Editor of The Nine Ways of Knowing Blog.


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