by Hanna Wentz

A snugglebooth is a situation where you feel like you can be yourself while simultaneously exerting time and energy in a somewhat productive manner. People say it is never too late to change your life. Well that is a lie, but you can definitely spice it up!

I feel like there is an understanding amongst college students that we do not know where to direct our time and energy. This listlessness most commonly found in college students is due to the lack of a snugglebooth. The problem with not having a snugglebooth is you have absolutely no idea what to do with your life 99% of the time which leads to massive amounts of internal conflict and angst. That is life for me, anyway. That is, until I found my snugglebooth. Those of you who have your life together should probably stop reading this blog post now because you are lying to yourself if think you have a snugglebooth.

I have found that whenever I am feeling most lost in life, like last week when I spilled my Pinkberry or that time I thought my second ear piercing had closed up, it was extremely helpful to know that I had a real snugglebooth.

This group of people is there for you. They are forcing you to actually turn off Netflix and get out of bed after your 4 hour nap. Basically any on campus group or club can count as a snugglebooth if you somewhat feel like you are now devoting yourself to some ideal, person, or thing with some other people. It is probably important to note that there should be other people in the group so it can truly be considered a snugglebooth and not just some weird stalking habit or obsession.

When I first got to campus I basically had no purpose except for classes, which are important but you don’t feel as happy as when you are snuggleboothing. I felt very lost, which is not really the emotion college admissions officers entice you with when you receive your acceptance letter in the mail, thus I decided to become a walk-on for Columbia women’s rowing. I am no gifted athlete but hey it gave me something to do…six mornings a week… at 6:30 am. Sounds fun right? It’s ok if this sounds like your personal vision of hell because I certainly did not imagine myself enjoying getting up early. I am not sitting on my computer trying to write a horrendous blog post to convince you to join sports team or anything of that high commitment.

I just think that every college freshman should devote some time to finding a snugglebooth. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be a cult but also don’t join something that is not enjoyable and meets less than once a week. It is nice to have a snugglebooth because it makes you feel like you have a purpose in life. Something that is moving you forward. “Insert inspiring life advice here”. I guess I still have a sort of love hate relationship with crew, but I cannot really imagine my college experience without this snugglebooth.

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Hanna Wentz is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for the Nine Ways of Knowing.


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