12 Ways You Know You’re a Senior at Barnard

By Clara Butler

  1. You still feel like first-year, or worse: a senior in high school.

  1. But you also feel a little invincible since you are the top of the top now.

  1. Everyone keeps talking about their careers and asking you about post-grad plans which is very overwhelming/panic attack inducing.

  1. You expect to skip every class, drink every night, but actually just end up in the library doing your reading like you’ve done for the last three years.

  1. You feel like you’ve forgotten how to write essays/doubt you even had the ability in the first place.

  1. You’ve still never been to senior night (because why go and wait in line and buy still expensive drinks when you could just drink wine with all your suitemates?)

  1. Every time someone talks about their thesis you roll your eyes.

  1. Every time someone asks you about your thesis, you stumble for the right words to describe it.

  1. Your professors expect you to do more work/procrastinate less because “you’ve learned by now”.

  1. You’re already getting sad about all your “lasts”.

  1. Your coffee addiction is through the roof (thank god for Liz’s Place).

  1. You try and appreciate the little time you have left at this great school with all your friends.

  1. You write an article in GIF form because you have senioritis a lot of emotions that can only be expressed by GIFs.

Clara Butler is a Senior at Barnard and Senior Editor, Social Media Strategist of The Nine Ways of Knowing 


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