Senior Snapshot: Laura K. Garrison

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2015, and we’re so sad to see them leave! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, email us at

Name: Laura K. Garrison
Hometown: Englewood, NJ
Major: Political Science

What are You Involved In?
The Nine Ways of Knowing ❤

Guilty Pleasure?
Watching True Blood and taking BuzzFeed quizzes.

Favorite Memory from Barnard?
I had the amazing opportunity to cover President Barack Obama’s Commencement speech to Barnard’s Class of 2012 for The Nine Ways of Knowing. I wasn’t able to get a seat at the ceremony, but it was still very cool to sit in an auditorium surrounded by members of the press watching the President of the United States, wearing Columbia blue robes, address Barnard’s graduating class. And then I had the opportunity to vote for him in my first presidential election. I pretty much peaked the end of my first year of college.

Biggest Regret of College?
I definitely feel like I didn’t always take advantage of all the opportunities I could have. I’ve always found it easy to be plagued with self-doubt, and that’s something I’ll have to continue working on as I enter the real world. My advice to Barnard students, both current and incoming, is to take a chance. Take the class you know nothing about, join the club you’re interested in, and never let an opportunity slip away. I know this is all easier said than done, but do it. Believe me, you are good/smart/talented enough. You’re at Barnard after all!

Biggest Leap of Faith During College?
I took a poetry class my sophomore year, which was simultaneously one of the easiest and most stressful classes of my college career. While I ultimately decided not to be an English major, it was a good exercise in vulnerability and creativity. I hope to get back to writing poetry soon, even if it’s just for myself.

What Will You Miss?
The view from my Sulz Tower single, which I’ll probably never be able to afford again. Waking up every day at 10:30am. The running track in LeFrak Gymnasium. Studying in Riverside Park. Late night chats on Low Steps.

What Won’t You Miss?
Pulling all-nighters. Overwhelming political correctness. Dense, insufferable readings. People leaving their hair in the shower drain.

Favorite Place On or Off Campus?
On campus: Low Steps.
Off campus: the cheap seats at Citi Field.

In 5 Words or Less, What’s Next?
Still figuring that one out.

Midnight Breakfast or Orgo Night?
Midnight breakfast, because ice cream and dancing. But I fully support CUMB and Orgo Night. We need more laughter on this campus.

If you were a Morningside Heights Bar or Restaurant Which Would You Be?
As a Jersey girl, I’d have to be a diner. Tom’s is a terrible tourist trap, but I really like Deluxe. The food is very reasonable, and they have milkshakes with alcohol in them, which is like the two best things in the world combined. Definitely Deluxe.

Who Will Play You in a Biopic of Your Life?
Ideally, a young Lauren Bacall (RIP). More realistically, Dakota Johnson.


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