Housing Review: Plimpton

The hallway of a suite in Plimpton

13 floors of 6-person suites, which include 4 singles and 1 double.
Some suites have RA’s in one of the singles.

Single: $10,400 for the academic year/ $5,200 for one semester
Double: $ 8,960 for the academic year/$4,480 for one semester

They are clean, smallish, and to my knowledge all a lake-green color. Faucets may drip a little. They’re very easy to keep in order as long as you and your suitemates can work out a schedule among yourselves. There is enough space for everyone to have some of their stuff in the bathroom, but not all.

The kitchens are on the small side, but fully functioning! The fridge is large, the oven and stove work consistently (though the ovens are a little tricky to get started), and the sink is nothing much to complain about. All I would say here is that you need to keep your dishes clean or that teeny little sink will be full in a matter of hours. In addition, there is a LOT of storage space in the Plimpton kitchens, a major pro!

General Description

REALLY large singles (for Barnard housing)

Plimpton is great overall!. This is not to say that it’s without its flaws. Plimpton is what some would consider a ‘long’ way from campus. If you’re speed walking, that’s about 7 minutes. If you’re chatting on the phone and walking slow–11 minutes. If you want to live here, give yourself a 15 minute window to get to where you need to be including somewhat-slow elevator time. The building itself is nice. The staff are pleasant, and the study lounge and printer room are quiet and usually not too crowded! This dorm is a good way to feel like you’re still a part of Barnard’s campus without being right ON campus, ya know?


  • Lots of available storage in suites!
  • The walk isn’t THAT far, guys
  • New, delicious restaurants in the area to try (Massawa, Panini di Parma, Kitchenette) just a couple blocks away from a well-priced store called Met
  • Grocery store right outside the dorm (Apple Tree)
  • Large singles!
  • Study lounge and computer lab with printers available


  • Laundry room too small to support the amount of residents in building 
  • It seems at least two of the laundry machines are broken at any time 
  • Some believe it’s a bit of a walk from campus (nowhere near as long as Cathedral Gardens though!) 
  • The store next door is a tad expensive (AppleTree) though convenient 
  • No real common area in suites

Images courtesy of Jessica Gregory


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