Housing Review: Hewitt

Housing selection is upon us! This week The Nine Ways of Knowing is planning to review the residence halls, so keep checking on us for updates!
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General Description

Hewitt is the only hall in the Quad dominated by upperclassmen

Hewitt is a quiet corridor-style dorm with mostly sophomores, juniors, and seniors, with the exception of the 8th floor, where there are about 12 first-years. It is mostly singles, facing either the Quad or Claremont. There is plenty of space for clothes and belongings with two under-the-bed drawers, an in-wall closet, and a dresser. Rooms are all around 16’ by 8’, but sizes vary depending on which one you get. All rooms come with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser.

Hewitt has shared hall bathrooms that are cleaned daily. There is usually no trouble finding a shower, sink, or toilet, to use, as there are several in each bathroom, more so than in any other hall in the Quad. Sharing a bathroom with a hall is always a bit of a win-lose experience, but in my experience, any trouble I had with something happening in the bathroom was cleaned or fixed the next day.

Hewitt residents can use the kitchens in the Sulzberger lounges on each floor, which have a stove, oven, sink, countertop, dish rack, and cabinets for storage. The kitchens can get pretty gross sometimes when people don’t clean up, but they’re cleaned regularly.

Singles are $10,400 for the year/ $5,200 per semester
Rooms with more than one people are $8,960 for the year/ $4,480 per semester

Get a room facing Claremont!
  • Hewitt was recently renovated so there’s no more crazy colored doors or walls! It has a hotel-like feel
  • Living in the quad means you can roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and not be late!
  • Quiet halls can be a great thing for some people
  • Right above Hewitt Dining Hall
  • Easy access to the gym and other Barnard facilities/buildings
  • Entering through Sulz lobby usually means finding some kind of free snack left out for Sulz residents!
  • Wireless internet
  • The view of Claremont is beautiful, especially at sunset (Although my room on the 8th floor had a window too high for me to see out of)
  • Access to the Sulzberger lounges with couches, a TV, and kitchen
  • Some rooms have enough space for a couch depending on their layout
  • Having a single means not having to work your sleep, study, or general habits around someone else!


  • Hewitt’s main doors are never open, and the Hewitt elevator only goes up to the 7th floor (sorry 8th floor!). I usually just end up using the Sulzberger elevators and walking around, because they are much faster anyway.
  • Thin walls— I’ve had to knock on my neighbor’s door a few times because I could hear her entire 2am conversations.
  • Signing people in requires you to go through Brooks and then to the loud, slow Hewitt elevator.
  • Pretty quiet considering the hall is mostly singles.
  • You have to pay for the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan (which is the 2nd highest one), with the exception of the first-years who are still required to purchase the full meal plan.
  • No AC but you have some control over the heat in the winter


  • Make friends with people on your hall so it feels less isolating!
  • Go for a room facing Claremont
  • The singles on the 8th floor are the most spacious (my room is 16’ x 10’ and it feels huge)
Images courtesy of Laura K. Garrison and Barnard Res Life

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