Interview with Dr. Candice Fraser, OB/GYN

By Gaby Marraro

Dr. Fraser’s clinic is just a few blocks away from the 2 and 3 train!

Last week I interviewed Dr. Candice Fraser, a doctor who will be opening up a new OB/GYN practice in Morningside Heights around March 2015. I got to know a little bit about her background in the field and about her vision for what sounds like an incredible new resource in the area.

Dr. Fraser, originally from Trinidad, attended St. Francis College and University of Connecticut for medical school. In her second year, she had what she describes as an “aha moment” when she realized she wanted to pursue a career as an OB/GYN, something she had never intended to happen. Having had various experiences in different professional settings and practices, Dr. Fraser found herself unsatisfied with the options available to her. This sparked her idea to open up a clinic of her own.

I asked her to describe a bit about her vision for her practice. She spoke about the excitement that comes with the freedom of creating a completely unique space. She strives to create the environment she felt was lacking at some of her previous jobs, one of a coffee-shop feel. She wants the office to be welcoming, warm and relaxed. She would like her patients to have access to iPads in the waiting room to access information easily. She hopes that implementing a paper-free office in which patients can schedule appointments and access test results through their website will make visits that much more comfortable and easy.

She also spoke about her choice to open up her clinic in Morningside Heights, which she sees as an up and coming, welcoming neighborhood. Because there are not many OB/GYN practices nearby, she hopes to target the population of young families in the area.

In reaching out to students about particular questions they would like me to ask Dr. Fraser, I was able to get some insight into some issues in visiting an OB/GYN that might come up specifically for college-age students. I asked her to highlight the importance of visits to an OB/GYN clinic, and she stressed the importance of being responsible for taking care of our health. As college students, we want to take on a large courseload along with extracurriculars, but we cannot do so if our health is getting in the way of success. She recommends visiting an OB/GYN at least once a year for check-ups. In highlighting the importance of visiting her clinic, she also spoke to the importance of knowing one’s options in regards to birth control. While many people only think of the pill when birth control is brought up, there are actually many options that are available to us but never really explained to present themselves as possible choices. In addition, OB/GYNs are there to discuss and help their patients understand a variety of issues and resources, and Dr. Fraser encourages building a relationship with one’s OB/GYN.

I also posed the difficult question of what an experience at her clinic, or with any OB/GYN for that matter, might be like for someone who has experienced a trauma related to sexual assault. While there is no easy answer, she suggested scheduling multiple visits to discuss what might make the patient most comfortable, and explaining exactly what procedures and tests are typical for a visit to an OB/GYN. It is important to establish a sense of trust between the doctor and her patient, and this is a core value of this clinic that Dr. Fraser wishes to express in her work.

The clinic will be open Monday through Friday along with one Saturday a month. She currently accepts Aetna, Cigna, Multiplan, BCBS, Galaxy, and Medicare, but hopes to expand this list in the near future and is open to working with people without insurance, depending what the situation calls for.

Dr. Fraser intends to extend her clinic to a variety of social media platforms and to the community. She would like to become involved in community service and community outreach, and hopes that her vision will extend to all of those she aims to help through her practice. Check out her website at

Gaby Marraro is a First Year at Barnard College and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

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