Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

When I first became Editor-in-Chief, I felt a confusing mix of emotions. I was excited for this opportunity to lead a great team of writers and to make my own mark on a wonderful publication. I felt nervous about the task ahead of me – managing the blog on top of my work and other commitments seemed like an enormous project. I also felt honored that the Nine Ways staff believed in my ability and passion to further the blog. I was lucky enough to join the Nine Ways of Knowing when Samantha Plotner, co-founder of the Nine Ways of Knowing blog, was still a member of the staff and so accepting Editor-in-Chief felt like I had a responsibility not only to the staff currently on the board but also to her – to continue the fantastic work she originally put in.

I hope that I have done her and the Nine Ways writers proud. This semester has flown by, filled with homework assignments, exciting opportunities, looming deadlines and the bustle of New York City. Yet amidst the business of college life, the Nine Ways of Knowing blog has remained a calming and inspiring presence in my life. I have absolutely loved being Editor-in-Chief for the blog. I look forward to Sunday nights at 9PM when the Nine Ways staff comes together to share ideas, exchange opinions, and laugh off the week’s stresses. We comprise a wonderful mix of people; we span the four different years, represent a plethora of countries and states, and hold vastly different views on a range of subjects. Our differences are celebrated and encouraged and yet we also are brought together by similarities. I feel a strong connection to everyone on the Nine Ways staff because of our passion to write and to make our opinions heard. We know that we’re a smaller publication than the Columbia Spectator or Bwog but we don’t let that hold us back or intimidate us in any way. We know that we have a place on campus for both Barnard students and the wider community.

I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark next semester and I am sad that my time as Editor-in-Chief has come to an end. I know that Mariah Castillo will do a wonderful job as Editor-in-Chief, however, and that the fabulous Nine Ways staff will continue to push the blog forward. I want to say a huge thank you to Laura K. Garrison for her invaluable help and advice as I took the helm from her, as well as to the Executive and Editorial boards for helping me post articles and for always being enthusiastic and supportive. And to all the staff writers: thank you for being such loyal and passionate Nine Ways members. You all make the blog such a special group of which to be a part and you all have such inspiring ideas that I hope you continue to share with us.

My time as Editor-in-Chief will be a highlight of my time at Barnard and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of students. I look forward to reading the blog from abroad and to returning in September to my Nine Ways family!

So much blogluv,

Zoe Baker-Peng


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