Karaoke In NYC!

by Manuela Hiches

This place in KTown on 53 W and 35th Street is a great place to go if you want to go do karaoke. I’d never gone to karaoke before actually but I’d always heard a about people doing it just for fun. Thus, we and my friends decided to go when we had free time. The price isn’t bad but can be pricey if you want to be there for hours. Luckily, me and my friends found a deal that was $12 per person for 4 hours.

We had gone to eat Korean food first of course at the Food Gallery but we spent most of our time at karaoke. I was pretty excited considering it was my first time going to karaoke but I had no idea what to expect. For sure, you should take plenty of snacks if you’re going for a long period of time since you will get hungry. Singing for hours can take a lot out of you.

Once you get your own personal room, you get situated and pick the songs you want. American, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese songs are available to sing. However, you should obviously only pick American if you do not know the other languages. They are written in characters, not Romanized-and so are the books in which have the list of songs. Right away you should look for the songs you’d like to sing and input them into the machine, they will play automatically.

Don’t be shy about singing! Doesn’t matter if you can’t sing because the point of karaoke isn’t for singers to practice or something. It’s to have fun and be silly! There’s no harm in trying to hit a note you can’t hit (just don’t hurt yourself.

The staff are pretty nice but they will speak Japanese amongst themselves. They provide you with free water and refills which is necessary. There’s no way you can sing for hours without having that pitcher of water nearby. And the water is good. I drank it and I’m not dead so I’d say that’s a pretty good sign! There’s a bathroom for men and women, separate ones and two stalls in the female one-no clue about the men’s side. But the bathroom is as clean as a public bathroom can be. It’s not the fanciest bathroom you’ll see, but it works for its purposes.

All in all, the place would get 4/5 stars and I’d recommend it for my friends. If you ever want to hang in KTown, Karaoke Duet 35 is a good place to go.

Manuela Hiches is a sophomore at Barnard and the Photography Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing Blog.

Images courtesy of Manuela Hiches


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