Bracing For Winter In Style

by Aisha Hasan

As the warm breeze of summer is slowly fading away, NYC seems to be hitting us with colder days as a way to ease us into the looming winter. So, it’s time to put away those cute rompers and flowy tanks pull out these essentials instead. It will be freezing out before you know it!

1. Turtlenecks or long sleeved shirts for layering
If there is anything I’ve picked up from those who warned me for the cold, it is to LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. Buying plain shirts in neutral colors is really helpful since you can wear them under almost anything. Most importantly, they’ll help keep you warm.

2. Sweaters (DUH)
This one is a bit obvious, but another important piece in the layering department. If you get some basic colors, then it’s very easy to layer two and cuff one along with the other to have a bit of a preppy look.

3. A nice pair of woolen tights or leggings
These will be especially nice if they have a fleece lining on the inside to add to the coziness.  A good pair of tights can be worn with boots or under jeans when necessary.

(See rest of list under the cut)

4. Boots/ Rain boots
You’re going to want some with nice treads on the sole or a small heel that will ensure you won’t slip when it’s icy out. Boots will be especially crucial once it’s snowy outside and you have to run to a class that can’t be accessed by the oh-so-amazing tunnels. No one wants to step into a sludgy, snowy puddle only to have water seep into whatever choice of footwear they’re wearing.

5. Parka/ lighter jacket/ fleece
As we ease into fall, the temperature will range at times from the 50’s to 40’s and you don’t want to don a giant puffer jacket. These lights jackets will be quick to throw on and easy to clean. Try getting one with a hood to block out the wind when it’s also a little drizzly.

6. Coat or Trench
Not only are these essentials totally chic, but they also aid in covering up all those sweaters and shirts you have layered on. It depends on your taste whether you get a pea coat or just a belted one as long as it seems nice and thick. But remember: trench coats can’t be worn on more rainier or drizzly occasions.

7. Puffer/down jackets
These may not be the best in the looks department, but when it’s almost freezing outwho cares? Everyone else is just running to wherever the warmest place nearby is.

8. Mittens/ gloves/ beanies/ scarves/ earmuffs
These accessories are highly recommended as they block out the cold and snow. Try shopping for better quality pieces because you’ll need them again and again, otherwise the pattern or colors are completely up to you.

Places to shop for essentials:

Aisha Hasan is a first year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Photo courtesy of WeHeartIt


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