The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

by Clara Butler

Procrastinated on your midterms AND your Halloween costume? Have no fear because I’ve rounded up five, easy Halloween costumes that you can put together before your Halloween plans tonight.

Wednesday Addams’s characteristic frown

Wednesday Addams

This outfit consists of two things: a black dress with a white collar and braids. Now, finding a black dress with a white collar might not be the easiest thing in the world but you can a) layer a white collared shirt underneath a black dress to create the same effect or b) make a collar out of white printer paper. I love this costume because if you’re frowning all night, you can just say that you’re in character!

Show off those Pulp Fiction dance moves

Mia from Pulp Fiction

All you need for this costume is a loose white shirt and some black pants. If you want to go all out, you could always get a short black wig but as long as you reenact the dance scene with someone during the night, then everyone will know who you are. Or you could always get a friend to administer a fake EpiPen if you really want to stay true to the movie.

Tris’ tattoos are easy to recreate

Tris from Divergent

As someone who is OBSESSED with YA fiction, I love this costume but it’s also great because you probably won’t have to buy a single thing. Leather is key, or really just black clothing in general, and make sure to put your hair back in a ponytail. Draw three birds on your collarbone and make your eyeliner is a little thicker than usual to give you that authentic Dauntless look.

Go retro this Halloween

The Birds

Everyone’s favorite Hitchcock movie will come alive if you choose this costume! All you need to do is wear some vintage or formal looking clothing and then tape paper crows all over your body. If you happen to have a 50s suit lying around, then even better. But to really make this costume over the top, run around screaming “THE BIRDS!!!!!!!!!” every 5 minutes for an unforgettable night.

Pun-Themed Costumes

Everyone loves a good pun

And finally, the easiest yet most creative costumes on this list. Although these costumes may not be simple to understand right away, they are great icebreakers and definitely make people laugh once they finally get your costume. For French kiss, paint your face like the band Kiss and carry around a baguette. For cereal killer, just wear a cereal box with a knife through it. For Freudian slip, wear a slip with inappropriate/Oedipus related phrases stapled to it. And finally, wear pompoms and a sign that says, “Go Ceiling!” if you want to be a ceiling fan.

Hopefully you found these suggestions helpful but even if you didn’t, just promise me you will have more creativity than just going as a cat. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, but we are bold, beautiful, Barnard girls and if we can get into this school then we can think of a better (and less clichéd) Halloween costume.

Clara Butler is a junior at Barnard and the Girl Talk and Opinions Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Wikia, Wikipedia, DigitalSpy, AthenaCinema, and Pinterest


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