Pump Up Your Fall Wardrobe!

by Clara Butler

Once the outside temperatures start to fall back down and the homework seems to pile up, it’s easy to grab the closest items that smell (somewhat) clean and leave that resting bitch face on in case anyone tries to give you shit for it. But instead of sweats, why not treat yourself to a few fall items that will carry your winter wardrobe out of the dumps and into the very chic light? These trending styles will transform your morning routine from an angsty eye-roll to pure excitement.

Too hot? Unzip that sweater from J. Crew!

Side-Zip Sweaters

I have seen these everywhere recently and I really support this trend. Not only is it a great way to revamp the classic winter sweater, it gives a little NYC edge to those brisk nights. Also, sweaters with zippers are a one-piece outfit maker (the embellishments add so much that all you have to do is pull it onno jewelry or thought needed)! But I think my absolute favorite feature of this trend is that if you’re wearing a super cute top underneath, or you are overheating because Milbank has suddenly turned into a sauna, all you have to do is unzip your sweater to get a little cross-ventilation going. Fashionable yet very, very functional.

Find these pants for $20 at H&M

High-waisted/burgundy pants

Okay, so I have been all about the high-waisted pants trend for a while and if you’re not a believer, hear me out. High-waisted pants that fit correctly suck in your belly and give you the most perfect hourglass shape. Also, people who are particularly short like me will appreciate that when worn with a cropped sweater, you have an outfit that elongates your body and no longer makes you look like an amorphous blob. I also have to say that burgundy is THE color of the season because what says Fall better than pumpkin spice lattes deep, rich, autumnal colors? Nothing. Bonus tip: the pants pictured are ONLY $20!!! Don’t worry Barnard ladies, I got you covered.

Show your bold side with this necklace from ModCloth
Conversation-starter necklaces

Am I just including things that I like to wear to make myself seem more legitimately stylish? Maybe. But I promised tips, not objectivity. Anyways, I have to say that interesting necklaces are the #1 way to make friends. Even my most boring necklace (a little locket/bottle thingy) ALWAYS gets comments, which is a nice way to talk to a stranger or just stand out on that crowded subway ride. Interesting necklaces are also a great thing to wear once the weather starts to get chilly because they complement a) collared shirts b) turtlenecks and c) crewneck sweaters (the ones that your mom bought you when you realized you owned zero cold weather clothing, and that there are actually seasons here).
Stylish and affordable booties from Old Navy

Two-tone suede boots

Booties are my favorite type of shoe, mainly because they are comfortable enough to walk around in all day, look great with tights, and elongate your legs! The only way I could possibly reach things in Westside is with the help of my little friends that have a subtle one or two inch heel – also the perfect height for running to catch the subway or just walking in the tunnels. I like to get simple booties in neutral colors, such as black, gray, or brown, and wear them all year long. Booties are just as cute with a sundress in the spring as they are with those shapeless down jackets we will be whipping out soon. I like these booties in particular because they are a little different than the classic suede booties and because I own almost the exact same ones but paid three times as much for them. Seriously people, Old Navy delivers sometimes.
So that’s it for fall fashion advice but don’t worry, I don’t judge when it comes to sweats especially during midterm season. You do you.

Clara Butler is a junior at Barnard and the Girl Talk and Opinions Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of J. Crew, H & M, ModCloth, and Old Navy.


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