Saturday Night Live Turns 40

by Tori Fourman

How excited are you for the 40th season of SNL?

I’ve been a fan of SNL forever, so I was more than excited when the show kicked off its 40th season on Saturday, September 27 with Andy from Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt, the star(lord) of Guardians of the Galaxy, and musical guest Ariana Grande. The show underwent some significant changes this summer, and while the premiere wasnt totally spectacular, I think it showed promise for this upcoming season.

First off, we noticed a change in announcer. Don Pardo, announcer for all but one season of SNL since 1975, passed away in August. He was replaced by former cast member Darrell Hammond. Hammond did alright as announcer, though I found the change initially unsettling.

The season premiere started out with Aidy Bryant impersonating Candy Crowley, and addressing current NFL issues. Chris Pratt provided a musical monologue, keeping it simple and charming. The following sketches saw a funny Toy Story-like action figure skit, with Pratt and Taran Killam* as crotch-patting and cake-eating He-Man and Lion-O, and a spoof of Guardians of the Galaxy that poked fun at the random character combination of the movie. Weekend Update saw Colin Jost return as co-host with newcomer Michael Che. Ches delivery faltered at times, but Update is a tough job and I think well see him improve in the coming weeks. I also especially welcomed Cecily Strongs reprisal as ‘Girl You Wish You Hadnt Started A Conversation with at a Party’, and 20-year-old Pete Davidson gave a hilariously raunchy speech on a, er, potential business venture.The last notable sketches of the show included Aidy Bryant and Chris Pratt flirting at a bar, juxtaposing shy young adults and sexually aggressive pop music, as well as a particularly enjoyable 90s cheesy sitcom spoof.

The premiere had its hits and misses (like all SNLepisodes), but I think it showed promise for the future episodes in this upcoming season. Aidy Bryant killed it the entire episode, and Cecily Strong shined in several parts. I do hope, however, to see more of Kate McKinnon throughout the rest of the season. Pete Davidson was a standout on Update, and I think he has a lot of potential.

Im definitely looking forward to Saturday Night Lives 40th season. Make sure to tune in to NBC Saturdays at 11:30PM!

*Please tell me I’m not the only one who still can’t unsee him as pop star Jordan Cahill from Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Suburbs.

Tori Fourman is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Rama’s Screen.


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