What is Yik Yak?

by Gaby Marraro

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new app popular among college students called Yik Yak, a sort of anonymous Twitter with other people in your area.

Once you open the app and activate location settings, you are able to see the posts of anyone else within a few miles of you. You can up-vote, down-vote, and reply to each Yak in your feed. Anything you post is completely anonymous.

It’s particularly fun to use when you’re on campus. There is always a flood of posts around lunchtime when the package center line is ridiculously long and at night when Butler is full of all the students who’ve put off doing their work until the very last minute. Some even use it as a replacement for Columbia Admirers, an anonymous way to profess your love for someone you passed by in a dining hall or on College Walk. The more you post, comment, and vote on Yaks, the higher your “Yakarma” is.

All in all, this app is a fun little way to pass the time when you need a break from studying and want to feel a silly sense of community on campus with your fellow students who are often thinking the same thing as you.

The app is free, so go ahead and download it and start Yakking!

Gaby Marraro is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Gaby Marraro.


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