Scandal: Season 3 recap

by Zoe Baker-Peng

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Scandal season 3.

What will be this season’s scandals?

Get ready, Gladiators. Scandal returns tomorrow at 9PM on ABC and after seeing this promo, we’re all anxious to learn to where Olivia Pope (*cough* and Jake) disappeared. But what about the other incredibly crazy happenings that occurred at the end of season 3? Do you remember all the juicy details? Here’s a recap of what (and who) went down to get you ready and mentally prepared (who are we kidding?) for tomorrow night.

1. Maya Pope and Adnan Salif were working together to kill the President. Maya Pope was in love with a man called Dominic whom Rowan Pope (aka Papa Pope) kills while on the phone with Maya. Maya refuses to tell Papa Pope where she has planted a bomb, and later comes to find Papa Pope in Olivia’s offices where she stabs him, activates the bomb, and runs off.

2. The bomb is planted in the church at which the funeral of an important senator is being held. Sally Langston (Vice-President) and Fitz will be attending. Jake finds out that the bomb is planted in the church and tells Cyrus so that he can raise the alert. Cyrus decides to withhold the information, threatening the lives of hundreds of people in the church, including Sally Langston. (Also a note to remember – Jake shot James earlier in the season to avoid secret information being released by ‘Publius’).

3. Jake arrives at the White House just in time to order an evacuation of the church. After the explosion, Leo Bergen tells Sally that she should use the bombing to her political advantage and, as the news cameras capture her providing first aid and praying with the victims, her poll ratings sky rocket.

4. Let’s just pause here to talk about Quinn and Huck (do we have to?) Quinn has left Charlie for Huck and the two of them have this weird, tongue-licking relationship that has its basis in torture. Okay. Abby and Harrison walk in on them having sex in Olivia’s office next to Papa Pope’s pool of blood. Charlie gives Quinn a file on Huck’s family (his wife and son), hoping to break up Quinn and Huck’s relationship. Quinn tells Huck about his family (his wife is now a lawyer and his son is now 12) because she loves him and wants him to know but Huck tells her to never speak another word to him again. At the end of the season, we see Huck walking up to his family’s house and his wife opening the door to him.

5. Back to the political world. Olivia and Cyrus think that Fitz has lost the election because of Sally’s rise in popularity. Fitz tells Olivia that he will divorce Mellie, and that he and Olivia will have children in their (gorgeous) Vermont home. Olivia, feeling guilty, tells Fitz about Mellie’s secret – that Big Jerry (Fitz’s father) raped her years ago. Fitz knows that he cannot leave Mellie and Olivia tells Fitz that she wouldn’t want him if he left knowing about Mellie. (Just a reminder about Mellie – she slept with Andrew Nichols (Fitz’s chosen V.P.) and her daughter caught them together, causing Fitz to punch Andrew).

6. At Fitz’s rally, Jerry (his son) collapses and later dies of bacterial meningitis in hospital. Fitz believes Maya Pope killed his son and turns to Papa Pope (who is also in the hospital because Maya stabbed him) for help. Papa Pope generously (ha.) offers to track Maya down and kill her for Fitz, saying that he knows what it is like to be a father.

7. Once Papa Pope has been discharged, Harrison comes to find him. Harrison starts to piece together the truth. Papa Pope killed Adnan in order to get Harrison to talk. The President has re-instated B613, putting Papa Pope back as Command. Maya Pope did not kill Jerry but rather it was Tom – the silently lethal bodyguard – under Papa Pope’s orders. Papa Pope explains that the President took his child, so he took the President’s. Harrison is left in a sticky situation down in a basement with Command and Tom (who has a gun). Papa Pope later goes to the ‘hole’ and looks down at Maya, who is once again imprisoned.

8. Olivia learns, from Fitz, that it is her mother who killed Jerry and she starts to feel that she “is the thing that needed to be fixed” and that she is the “scandal”. She calls Papa Pope who sets her up with a private jet, and she tells Abby and Huck that she is leaving. Abby is upset that Olivia now trusts her father. Jake turns to Olivia asking her “to run away with me. Save me”. As they fly off in the plane together, Olivia ignores a call from the White House, which is actually Mellie trying to get Olivia to return to help the collapsed and depressed Fitz. David Rosen receives a shipment of boxes, containing top-secret B613 files, from Jake with a note that says “Go get the bad guys”.

Wow. That’s a lot of intense drama. And we’re about to plunge ourselves into another season of politics, love, lies, and intrigue. Remember – tomorrow at 9PM on ABC!

Zoe Baker-Peng is a junior at Barnard and Editor-in-Chief for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Uptown Magazine.


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