#throwBACCHANAL: Who Are These People?

by Kiani Ned

This Saturday, the long awaited (??) #THROWBACCHANAL will be happening on Low Steps at 1pm. Are you ready to jam along? I didn’t think so…because who even are these people? I’ve prepared a quick study guide for those of you not familiar with what Columbia will be serving us come Saturday afternoon and a little reminder for those of you who are. Get ready to #throwback!

The Openers:

California Love is composed of Taylor Simone and Josh Mac, both CC ‘14. I actually know these people. They’re really cool people. These individuals met in high school in… you guessed it… Los Angeles, California! Simone’s velvety yet energetic R&B vibes and Mac’s effortlessly cool and laid-back rap style will definitely remind us of the West Coast and hopefully evoke some southern California weather vibes….

Here is Taylor’s most recent project– a video for her song “Greedy”:

Nøvachørd, aka Mitchell Veith, CC ‘15, will keep the energy up with his set of electronic dance music. As a cellist, Veith will be combining his training and passion in classical music with his interest in EDM. We can count on him to bring something very interesting and cool to Bacchanal this year. I hope you’re all alert and ready!

Check out Veith’s SoundCloud.

And some sounds!

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers rose to fame just this year with their single “#SELFIE.” This NYC EDM duo just recently performed at Ultra in Miami and now they’ll be performing for us… can we compete with that level of cray? Do we want to? Idk. But check out some of their music:

Dat Headliner:

Lupe Fiasco hails from the midwestern city of Chicago. He emerged on the music scene after the release of his debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor in 2006. Fiasco was raised Muslim on the West Side of Chicago. His upbringings within Islam and in an under-resourced and under-served part of Chicago are hugely influential on his music. As a child, Lupe Fiasco aspired to be a musician. After finding learning a musical instrument difficult, he began to write poetry which he later began rapping in eighth grade. At 17, Lupe started to record and produce music in his parent’s basement and formed a rap group called, Da Pak, influenced by California gangsta rappers, that was eventually signed to Epic Records. As a member of Da Pak, Fiasco felt as though the music he was producing wasn’t aligning with his moral and religious beliefs. Da Pak split up, Fiasco continued to record, and he was eventually discovered by Jay-Z who helped him to get a deal at Atlantic Records. And the rest is history. While Lupe Fiasco is another great rapper and lyricist from Chicago, situated in that group with individuals like Kanye West and Common, his music is defined by his very specific lens characterized by his devotion to the nation of Islam, his allegiance to midwest rap, and his constant desire to step outside of his musical box.

Some Lupe for you!

Kiani Ned is a sophomore at Barnard and the Social Media Strategist for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


One thought on “#throwBACCHANAL: Who Are These People?

  1. I'm confused at how any of this is a throwback to anything. They all seem like new performers. Including Lupe Fiasco. 2006 wasn't that long ago… was it?

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