Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter to Spring

By Clara Butler

As we get more of those, “Oh my god it’s so warm out!” days, it’s important to subtly include pieces in your closet that will at least put you in the spring mindset, even if the snow seems to keep falling….

Jackets:It’s time to ditch that cozy, comforter-like puffer for something a little lighter and a whole lot more stylish. I love spring jackets because not only are there so many different styles to choose from, but you can even play with different fabrics like leather or an animal print. Spring also means shorter lengths in your coats so rather than hitting your thigh, these coats fit at your waist, the perfect height for layering over a spring dress or some cute jeans that won’t have to be tucked into snow boots.

Puffy CoatVarsity JacketGreen and Leather Jacket ($16 right now!)Moto Jacket

Dresses: As someone who strongly believes in long sleeved dresses especially anytime it is below freezing, even I have to admit that spring means it’s officially time to trade in those sleeves for something lighter and less restrictive. Even as Meryl so eloquently put it, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!”, it is the time to whip out those print dresses once again and wear the bright colors that have been absent from the sea of black turtlenecks you’ve been hoarding in your drawers. Spring is also a perfect time to try out different necklines on dresses, from the classic spaghetti strap to a flattering halter style or even a shirtdress inspired piece can add new life to those ‘ground breaking’ florals.

Green Long Sleeved Dress,
Blue Collared Dress Light Floral DressSpaghetti Strap Dress ($15)

Shoes: Although wearing booties in the spring is technically okay, let your feet be free and put them into a cute style that will leave you yearning for summer. I love sandals that look more like ballet flats than flip-flops (like the white ones pictured), but to each her own. Make sure when choosing shoes for spring that you choose a neutral color like white, brown, light pink, or beige that will match the other things in your wardrobe so you don’t have to buy sandals in every color of the rainbow (even though I would very much like to).

Black Booties White Sandals ,
Brown Sandals Pink Jellies

So there you have it, a few tips for getting in that lovely spring mindset and hopefully once you get the right clothes on, spring will take the hint and finally arrive.

Clara Butler is a sophomore at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Clara Butler.


3 thoughts on “Transitioning Your Wardrobe: Winter to Spring

  1. The dress shipped quickly and even arrived over a week early. I am amazed and speechless! I never thought a dress ordered online for such little money could be this good.

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