Crocheting Isn’t Only for Old People

by Manuela Hiches

When I first learned how to crochet, it was my aunt’s mother who had insisted on teaching me. In fact, her idea of a good time was to invite all the ‘younglings’ over to her house for a crochet gathering so to speak. We weren’t all very fond of it, I know I wasn’t. I used to think it was such a bore that I had to waste my time doing something that was meant for old people. I admit too that crocheting didn’t become a hobby for me right off the bat. I disliked it very much and stopped doing it for years.

A new hobby, perhaps?

When I finally picked up crocheting again, it was on a whim. My mom always bought my winter hats for me, and don’t get me wrong I did love them, but it wasn’t quite the hat I really wanted to wear. Thus, I decided to stop searching for the hat and start making my own winter hats. It couldn’t be too hard, could it?

When I first started the hat, it was slightly frustrating to remember everything my aunt’s mother had taught me so many years ago but eventually I caught on. I was a bit iffy about the hat when I finished it because my family told me it was big on me but I loved the hat regardless. I mean, I made it with my own hands! There’s honestly something special about being able to make something with your own hands and then be able to see the end result after much work. I finished the hat in two day since I had nothing else to do but crochet (I know, what an exciting life); in fact, I decided to make another one with a different pattern. It was a bit unfortunate that I finished the hat in the same time as the first but I was just glad that I had two brand new hats that fit me.

You could make this!

Now I’m sure you’ve probably noticed I have a thing with hats, I love them. At first it wasn’t a big deal to have one, but I felt more of my personality came out when I made the hat with my own two hands. I won’t lie that I was awfully excited to show off my new hats when school started. A bit of me wanted to show off but really I just wanted to wear my cozy hats that I had made. Turns out, the hats I made would be a bit more noticed than I thought.

When winter came around, it wasn’t long before people asked me where I had bought my hat. And of course people take pride in what brands they buy, yet, I felt a bigger sense of pride when I expressed that I hadn’t bought the hat, I had made it. Boy did that make people’s eyes grow wide with amazement. They couldn’t believe I’d made it! Not long after, people wanted me to make hats for them too.

There’s no harm in trying new things even if the activity seems ‘ancient’. There’s no shame in crocheting because it’s simply a new skill I can add to my list, and something that I can share with other people. I’ve been able to express myself through my creativity, something I always enjoyed doing. Plus, it’s pretty relaxing. People can call me an old lady for all I care because I really can’t get enough of it!

Manuela Hiches is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Creative Jewish Mom and Woman’s Day.


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