Oscar Wrap-Up: Pizza, Selfies, and Gravity

by Molly Scott

Ellen’s record-shattering, mid-show selfie.

This year’s Academy Awards went as expected with no real big surprises. The entire show took about three and a half hours, which in part may be due to the fact that acceptance speeches were not cut off by the cueing music (or by Ellen’s pizza party). Here’s a recap of the evening, along with our Oscar poll results:

The hottest color on the red carpet seemed to be blue this year – which our readers estimated would be the most popular color as well! Two of the night’s biggest stars, Amy Adams (who was caught texting during the show) and Lupita Nyong’o wore navy blue and light powder blue dresses, respectively. Nude and white also seemed to be big colors this year.

Gravity took home the most awards (probably the biggest shocker) with 7 Oscars in total in mostly technical and graphics categories. People are really responding positively to Ellen’s performance as host this year. She was really funny (at least I thought so) throughout the whole evening – a great monologue, ordering pizza for the celebs, and taking that now-famous selfie.

Best Picture: 57% of you thought 12 Years a Slave was going to take Best Picture, and you were right! The film took the big award home, and it was really no surprise since almost every source predicted its win. History was made when Steve McQueen became the first black director of a Best Picture-winning film.

Best Actress in a Lead Role: The majority of our readers thought Sandra Bullock was going to take this award, but Cate Blanchett won for her role in Blue Jasmine. This was a tough category to predict since all the nominated leading ladies gave outstanding performances.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Lupita Nyong’o truly stole the show with her win and her genuine acceptance speech. This win was not a big shocker though – 81% of you thought she was going to win as well. She also looked absolutely stunning in her light blue gown and was definitely a crowd favorite. J-Law was nominated in this category and also proved to us that falling on Oscar night is now officially her thing.

Best Actor in a Lead Role: This was also a tough category to predict – Matthew McConaughey ultimately took the Oscar home for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. His acceptance speech was moving and sincere. There was a tie in our poll for this category between Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey thus proving the inability to predict the winner of this award.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Most of you thought Jared Leto was going to win, and you were right! This category led the night off and his acceptance speech was also very moving.

Best Director: Another hard category to predict, Alfonso Cuarón won this award for Gravity. A lot of people, including the readers who took our poll, thought Steve McQueen was going to win for 12 Years a Slave.

American Hustle took home not one Oscar which makes me sad since it was my favorite this year. The majority of readers who took our poll said Her was their favorite movie, which also won Best Original Screenplay.

Thanks for participating in our Oscar poll and keeping up with our Oscar series!

Molly Scott is a junior at Barnard and Senior Editor of The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Twitter.


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