NYFW: Rebecca Taylor Fall 2014 Show

by Clara Butler

Oh hey there Shosh.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Rebecca Taylor Fall 2014 fashion show in Chelsea. The clothes? Gorgeous. The people? Amazingly stylish. The snow? Not so fun. But attending this show has definitely been the highlight of my semester so far.

My friend has connections in the fashion industry, which allowed us to get into the show even though that included standing outside in the cold for 45 minutes. But those faithful minutes were probably the best people-watching minutes of my life. I saw celebrities (Zosia Mamet!!!!), fashion bloggers, and so many covetable clothes I could have died right there. Despite the snow and slush, there were heels galore although many (like myself) opted for heeled boots that were slightly more practical considering the weather.

Werk it girl.

The show itself was situated in what looked like a hipster warehouse (I mean, it was in Chelsea), which meant that the models didn’t walk on an elevated runway. Instead, they walked on the regular floor (just like us mere mortals do). Yet even without the height of the runway, their billowy figures could be seen even from the back of the non-famous-people mob where I stood.

The clothes themselves were works of art, with mesh, lace, and pastel colors working their way into the fall collection. The coats especially made for a perfect transition from spring to fall will definitely be seen off the runway and probably on Alexa Chung very, very soon. And aside from the minor music blip that made us all realize that even Rebecca Taylor isn’t perfect, the show went smoothly and lasted about 15 minutes. Being the naïve fashion show attendees that we were, my friend and I were quite surprised that the show only lasted about a fourth of the time we spent waiting outside, but I was happy for any excuse to sit down and rip my painful shoes off my feet before they gave me anymore blisters. Since we were not part of the fashion elite, we were in the minority of those who had to take the subway home (the horror!).

Two fashion icons meet: Clara and Stacy.

But my favorite part, besides the stalkerish people watching and drooling over the clothes, had to be meeting my fashion icon Stacy London from What Not to Wear! Besides TLC being my go-to reality television channel for the last ten years, my mom and I would always sit down and watch What Not to Wear together whenever it was on. We saw Stacy and Clinton grow into the fashion powerhouses they are today and saw them coach generations of people on what they should wear and what they should throw in the trash. Stacy was incredibly sweet and even complimented my outfit (which made me internally scream) and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Next time, I plan to bring a thermos of coffee to prep for the cold wait and the courage to ask Zosia for her autograph (or at least an “OH MY GODDDD” in her Shoshanna voice).

Clara Butler is a sophomore at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Zimbio and Clara Butler.


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