How to See Frozen Without Self-Imploding: A Feminist’s Guide

by Danielle Owen

More mixed signals from Disney.

It’s safe to say that plenty of non-white girls will go to see Frozen—a movie with sorcery, living ice monsters, and talking snowmen— and without a single person of color. Historical accuracy!

Resist the urge to scream profanities at the characters on screen. They cannot hear you. There are children next you.

Actually, the entire theater is children and fatigued parents (with the exception of you and your friends). Feel no shame in this.

Suspend all knowledge learned from your social theory/women’s studies courses. Forget the fact that movies with male protagonists (such as How to Train Your Dragon) are marketed and viewed as gender-neutral stories while movies with female protagonists (such as Brave and Frozen) are viewed as girly movies. Do not think about the implications of this phenomenon.

 Ignore the fact that Princess Anna, after being forced to stay inside her castle for about a decade, sings an entire song about how glad she is to be free. Her first priority? Finding a man. The entire song is about her excitement to fall in love. Angrily claw at the arm of the person next to you for the entire scene.

Pretend not to notice that this is the whitest animated movie you’ve ever seen.

Bask in the glorious, feminist ending. It somewhat redeems the 105 minutes of problematic material you’ve had to endure.

Post-viewing, vent on your Tumblr or go on a Twitter rant. Be sure to include lots of caps lock. Lose followers. It’s totally worth it.

After the movie, stand near the 3D glasses return bin and hand every little girl you see bootleg copies of Spirited Away and Lilo and Stitch (two feminist masterpieces of our generation).

Remind these girls that their happy ending will not find them at the ripe old age of 19. It does not have to involve finding a boyfriend (although it certainly can). Tell them that they will face challenges and conflicts unrelated to and more important than romance, even if every movie they watch tells them otherwise.

Danielle Owen is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of The Disney Wiki.


6 thoughts on “How to See Frozen Without Self-Imploding: A Feminist’s Guide

  1. Ofc, it's so historically accurate for a film to have no PoC when it takes inspiration from a RACIALIZED CULTURE. Thanks, Disney. Again.

  2. Uhm, the movie is supposed to be happening in the northern parts of Europe, and it's 1800-early 1900 so if it rascist not to have any colored people in the move? Skin color is based solely on the climate and since I am living in Sweden, you will be white as ghost and not black up here, unless you have imigrated from a country like Somalia, but I am pretty sure no colored person would move up there, they are used to the warmth and moving up north almost no one did in those days, even less people who liked warm weather.

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