Acapalooza: An Event to See (and Hear)

by Manuela Hiches

This is how we imagine it went down.

Although not all of us may be musically inclined, we can all appreciate those who sing a cappella. There is just something special about a group of people coming together to sing without the use of any instruments. This year’s Acapalooza was a sight to see. Nine different groups performed and showed all of us their talents as singers. Each one had their own unique twist, but they all came together to give us a huge show.

Being my first a cappella show, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only impression I had of a cappella was the movie Pitch Perfect. I had loved that movie and had been fascinated by people’s ability to sing without any instruments. Based on that, I was already excited. Although all of the performances were great, here are a few that really stood out to me.

Our very own Bacchantae, Barnard’s a cappella group, was the very first to perform. They have a way of soothing you into the song as well as being very entertaining and having a good time. They leave you wanting more especially after they finish their performances; I know I was! Even if I didn’t know the girls on stage personally, I could connect with them simply because we are all Barnard women and it really made me proud to have them as our a cappella group. They definitely deserve our support and praise!

After that, NYU’s all-male a cappella group Mass Transit performed. These guys are a blast and will not fail to put a smile on your face. They’re hilarious and interactive with the audience. One of the members even jumped off the stage and started singing to one someone sitting in the audience! It was the most unexpected thing and it made it all worthwhile. You can tell just by their performance that they take this very seriously and that they practice for hours. It made me really appreciate the art of a cappella.

Changing up the flow was Pizmon, the co-ed Jewish a cappella group from Columbia, Barnard, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. These guys are a group to see because they’re already global having sung in Canada and Brazil in recent years. Go and see them if you want to have a peek into a different culture. They sing a variety of genres but this time they sang to us in a foreign language! They were fascinating and unique. At first I was completely lost when they started to sing because I couldn’t understand them. But I soon came to realize that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t actually understand the lyrics, I could follow the rhythm and enjoy their wonderful voices.

After sitting in on the whole performance, I could hardly believe that an hour and a half had passed simply listening to their voices. Many of my friends love a cappella and I respected that, yet I couldn’t quite see what the big deal was. Seeing nine extraordinary groups perform live at Acapalooza, I can see why!

If you missed the show or have yet to see a cappella, many of the groups will be performing one more time this fall semester. See below for dates, locations, and times.

Bacchantae: Concert on Friday, December 6, Diana Center, LL2 at TBA
Metrotones: Winter Concert on Thursday, December 5, Erin Lounge at 5:30pm
Jubilation: Winter Concert on Sunday, December 8, Lerner Hall C555 at 7:30pm
S’madar: Final Concert on Friday, December 6, Rennert Auditorium-Hillel at 8:30-10:30pm
Clefhangers: Final Concert on Saturday, December 7, Lerner Hall C555 at TBA
Manuela Hiches is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Image courtesy of Apnatimepass.


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