How Insomnia Cookies Screwed Up Majorly Then Found Its Way Back Into My Good Graces

by Caroline Thirkill

So a couple of you might remember my article about Insomnia Cookies waaaayyyy back at the beginning of the semester.

I know we do.

Well a week afterward, Insomnia Cookies seriously disappointed me and got put on my black list. 

I sent them a delivery order at around midnight (not unreasonable for a senior I think!). I wanted those cookies soooooo bad. 

I waited until 3 am. They never delivered. What’s a girl to do!?! 

I got unreasonably angry for a few days and decided I would never be a patron at their store never, ever again! 

But then I realized the upside to this! I was free! Free from the waistline-expanding tyranny of midnight cookies! 

This resolution lasted all of two weeks.

My friends and I stopped at V&T for dinner (where else?) and one suggested cookies for dessert. At first I resisted bravely, but I didn’t want to deny my friend her sugar rush. 

Besides, I was a bit curious about what they would do if I confronted them about it. 

The answer is: apologize profusely and give you double the cookies on the spot for the same amount you originally ordered. 

That made me feel so much better about the experience on the whole, and that’s why I am again pimping them out to you so furiously.

Caroline Thirkill is a senior at Barnard and Opinions Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.
GIFs courtesy of the magical world of Tumblr. Follow us here.

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