We’re Almost There: Staying Motivated, Focused, and Positive

by Molly Scott

You can do this!

Feel like you’re in a never-ending nightmare of readings, papers, and exams? Us too. Good news though: we’re almost done with this semester and Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Even though it feels impossible, it’s important to push through and stay motivated, focused, and positive in order to end the semester on a good note! Here are some tips:

Make a playlist. Compile a group of songs that are motivating for you and press play. Listen to that playlist while getting dressed in the morning, on the walk to that exam, or before writing that final paragraph of your final paper. It will get you psyched up and ready for success.

Remember inspirational quotes. This has been a huge source of positivity and motivation for me this whole semester (they’re around my entire room). Google whatever kind of quote you are looking for: success, persistence, whatever. Print them out (or hand write them) and hang them on your wall near your desk. Remind yourself to look at the quote whenever you are down or feel like you can’t make it through whatever you are working on.

Breaks are essential for staying on track!

Find a positive place. Study and do work in a place on campus that gives off positive energy and helps you focus. For some people, this is Butler (for many, this is not). Think back to where you had a productive study session this semester, grab a coffee, and go there!

Take care of yourself. In order to actually stay focused on something, you have to take breaks and rest a bit. Ensure these breaks are long enough where you feel refreshed and ready to be productive again but short enough that your motivation doesn’t waver. These breaks should also be taken when you feel you actually need one (not as a means of procrastination). Drink tea, go for a jog, do some online holiday shopping, or buy yourself something awesome online (this will give you something to look forward to as you push through these stressful days). You can also use breaks to plan fun activities and trips for winter break.

Create a reward system. Tell yourself that when you finish your paper or exam, you’ll do something nice! Treat yourself to bubble tea, go see the window displays on Fifth Avenue, go to the movies with friends, etc. This will not only give you the motivation to get through the writing and studying, but is another way to take care of yourself too.

With all your hard work and persistence in these upcoming weeks, you’ll soon be sitting at home during winter break feeling proud and accomplished (all while binge-watching TV shows on Netflix guilt-free!)

Molly Scott is a junior at Barnard and Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Womazing and 123 Greetings.


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