Concert Review: Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden

by Hannah Spierer

The Ginger Jesus takes over MSG.

If you had been sitting in Penn Station on the night of Friday, November 1st, you would have seen swarms of preteen and teenage girls (and their dads) sporting more Ed Sheeran gear than you would like. These people were lined up to see Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden for a completely sold out show.

Confession: I was one of those girls, but it was for a good cause. Specifically, Ed Sheeran is a god sent from heaven above and once you get past the fandom, he is really worth a listen.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sheeran’s work, he is a British singer/songwriter who received his first bit of attention in 2010. His rose to fame in Britain between 2011 and 2012, and Sheeran became successful in the United States in 2013 with the release of his single “The A Team” that’s always on the radio. His music is soft pop that’s characterized by thoughtful lyrics. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, just look for the British guy with flaming red hair that isn’t Rupert Grint.

You can almost hear the high-pitched squeals.

Sheeran is a talented musician to say the least, and he put on a fantastic show. He did a great job of engaging the audience and keeping everyone at a high level of energy. The songs he performed were mostly off his most recent album, entitled +, including, “Give Me Love,” “Drunk,” “Grade 8,” and “Small Bump.” With each song he performed, you could see he was pouring his emotions into the music. He provided the audience with an enjoyable show, greatly appreciated by everyone.

There were also a couple surprises during the show. Sheeran invited Taylor Swift to come out, causing the Garden to go absolutely wild. Together, they performed their song “Everything Has Changed.” The two performers have the most amazing on-stage chemistry that is just as real as you see on television or in music videos. Sheeran also performed a new song called “New York” off his upcoming album, hinting that he will be keeping the same sounds and styles in this next album that were so successful in +.

Throughout his performance, it is clear that Sheeran is a genuine guy who truly appreciates his fans. On countless occasions, he thanked the audience for taking time out of their day to see him, and it was clear that he was awestruck to be singing at Madison Square Garden. His attitude makes him even that much more likeable and it makes the show even more worthwhile. Sheeran is insanely talented, and his music is definitely one for the records. Keep up the great work, Ed!

Hannah Spierer is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of The Garden and Instagram.


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