Fall’s Best Returning Sitcoms

by Clara Butler

Need a break in between studying for all those midterms? Sit down, relax, and turn on your TV (or computer) to watch the best comedies on television right now. These shows just started up again so if you’ve never seen them, I recommend going on a Netflix binge right now.

Ladies, I give you Ron Swanson.

For fans of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live: Parks and Recreation I don’t understand people who say that they are not Amy Poehler fans because not only is she freaking hilarious in this show, her character shows the motivation, ambition, and compassion that Barnard students exhibit on a regular basis. Although Poehler is the star of the show, the supporting cast is great as well. There’s the always-handsome Adam Scott, the comically-deadpan Aubrey Plaza, and the ridiculously-materialistic Aziz Ansari who all make the show worth watching time and time again. If you’re just starting, I would recommend skipping the first season since the show didn’t turn into the masterpiece it is now until season two. If you’re not watching this show, I feel bad for you son, because I got 99 problems but Ron ain’t gone one.

Phil’s-osophy can save you much heartache and pain.

For fans of Full House and The Middle: Modern Family I know that this show is so 2009 but bear with me. I always think that I’m going to get tired of the characters or the storyline, but they rope me in with smart jokes and situations that are realistic enough for me to connect them to my own family. One of the greatest episodes ever was when Phil debuted his “Phil’s-osophy” book but honestly, every episode has so many great moments that I promise you will laugh out loud constantly. And really, how could you not watch a show that has Sofia Vergara in it? She’s perfect.

Deep down, there’s a Mindy in all of us.

For fans of The Office and New Girl: The Mindy Project I have to say that this is my favorite show on television right now. I laugh so hard I cry sometimes (seriously, ask my roommates) and after each episode, I’m always left yearning to be Mindy Kaling’s BFF. Her physical comedy is what hooks me the most. I swear I could watch the gif of her trying to sit on a beanbag chair for hours and laugh every time. Also, this season she is having A-list guest stars like James Franco, Larenz Tate, Adam Pally, and even ex-Playboy centerfold Kendra Wilkinson. Guest stars aside, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want every outfit she wears in this show.

For fans of American Dad and The Simpsons: Bob’s Burgers You may be skeptical of a show that is entirely animated, but this show is so genius and has so many amazing characters that I promise you it is worth it. First of all, Linda (the wife) and Tina (the teenage daughter) are both voiced by men. Also, if you watched Flight of the Concords (RIP), then you’ll recognize Mel’s voice as Louise, the youngest daughter. So not only are the voices amazing, the writing is also spectacular. Tina is kind of everyone’s favorite character because of her weird obsessions that are so strange they are kind of adorable (an example of this is her strange zombie fetish and writing erotic friend fiction about the kids in her school). But the best part of this show has to be all of Tina’s whining. I swear I do that on a daily basis.

If only you looked half as coordinated in front of the mirror.

For fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Glee: Suburgatory Although this show won’t return until mid-season, it is definitely a must-watch this fall. Tessa is a high school student who is from NYC (what what) but is now stuck in the suburbs, just like the Disney Channel original movie. The satirical portrayal of suburban life is so outrageously over the top but endearing, especially when they slow down to show some sincere moments like Tessa’s appreciation for her single dad. The characters are memorable and hilarious and really I just want my hair to look like Tessa’s everyday.

Clara Butler is a sophomore at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways Of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Complex, imgur, Vulture, and ABC. Video courtesy of Slacktory.


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