My Feelings about Insomnia Cookies Opening on Amsterdam Avenue

by Caroline Thirkill

In case you’ve been living in Butler since the summer, Insomnia Cookies opened at 1028 Amsterdam Avenue, right down the street from 1020. So now you can make two bad life decisions in one block!

If anyone is as of yet unaware of the glory that is Insomnia Cookies, let me fill you in.

It is a bake shop with legitimately awesome cookies – not like Crumbs, Magnolia, or Sprinkles, where people will constantly and passionately get into arguments about whether or not the cupcakes are any good #CRUMBSTASTESLIKEPLASTIC…

These cookies are undeniable. For a dollar a piece.

But the thing that makes them brilliant is that they deliver until, wait for it, 3AM.

I know, they are every Barnard girl’s wet dream when we are still up writing that paper at 2:30, when any rational person would have given up hours ago.

Now, there are a few issues with this. I have to start setting limits for myself, and anyone who knows me is quick to point out that I am very bad at self-control.

I convince myself its okay to eat four cookies in one hour, because I tell myself I’m only going to order deliciousness twice a month.

Two nights later, I’m demolishing another box with one of my suitemates.

There is a part of me that is so angry at myself. I thought I had more willpower than this, and I feel like I’m going to bloat like no one’s business.

But in the end, the only thing that matters is keeping myself happy in a very stressful environment, particularly when I haven’t slept in 24 hours. So, 

Caroline Thirkill is a senior at Barnard and Opinions Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.
GIFs courtesy of the magical world of Tumblr. Follow us here.

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