A Taste of China in New York City

by Eileen Ai

Nothing better than Chinese food for dinner!

It’s a Saturday night and you are wondering where to eat. You have had enough of Hewitt, Ferris or John Jay for the past week, and the option of cooking for yourself is out of the window for a lack of resources, or just the right mood. Why not have some authentic Chinese food? New York is a stage where so many cultures present themselves – there is sure to be a restaurant with good Chinese food right? Yes, you are right. With a huge number of New York residents being Chinese, the demand for Chinese food has brought more than one thousand Chinese restaurants in New York–not to mention the number of food trucks right down the street! The possibilities are so endless that choosing one to go to has become an intense and time consuming process. To make your life a little easier, below are some recommendations from a picky Chinese food eater!

Empire Szechuan Gourmet (蜀湘源) 2642 Broadway, New York
This restaurant is the closest to campus out of all others on the list, located right between 96th and 97th street on Broadway. Ranging from spicy dishes from the Szechuan Province, to Peking Duck, to Japanese sushi, Empire Szechuan Gourmet has an array of Asian dishes to offer and is sure to satiate your craving for many kinds of Asian dishes. If you want something that warms your stomach, order their beef noodle soup, a dish that is highly praised among my group of Chinese friends. Order their Peking Duck, if you want a feast both to the stomach and the eye, order Peking Duck and watch a chef slice pieces of duck meat and carefully arrange it with other ingredients into an ice cream cone shape.

Garlick-y yummy chicken-y goodness!

Szechuan Gourmet(朵颐食府) 21 W 39th St (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave) New York, NY & 242 W 56th Street New York 13515 37th Avenue Flushing, NY

I’m so jealous of these people right now.

Yes, the name of this restaurant is just one word away from Empire Szechuan Gourmet. Same as Empire Szechuan Gourmet, Szechuan Gourmet also features dishes special to the Szechuan Province. The dishes are both pleasing to the taste and to the sight. Szechuan Gourmet has opened chain restaurants in both Manhattan and Flushing, yet during busy hours, you might encounter a 15 to 20 minute line up for seats.

Food Court in New World Mall, Flushing (新世界美食广场) 21 Main St Queens, NY
If none of the above satisfies your need, why not go to Flushing, the alternative Chinatown where all kinds of Chinese food can be found? One huge benefit of going to the food court in New World Mall is that you have the opportunity to try out dishes special to different regions of China all at once without having too much money flowing out of your pocket.

The above are some restaurants that I have enjoyed eating at in New York. As you can see, there are so many great Chinese restaurants in New York and even more that I haven’t been to! If you have a particular restaurant that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment below!

Eileen Ai is a sophomore at Barnard and the General Communications Manager for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Ink Chromatography, Sinovision, and Newsdh.


4 thoughts on “A Taste of China in New York City

  1. Great articles on this site! Any additional restaurant recommendations for the Barnard Family weekend 2013? Thank you.

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