Life Hacks for Staying Healthy at Barnard

by Molly Scott

Let’s face it: everyday life at Barnard can be extraordinarily stressful. Trying to finish readings and getting papers in on time usually takes up all of our mental energy and our day. Since staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy is just as important as getting A’s, we’ve created a list of life hacks to staying well at Barnard.

Take the stairs. This is like a mini-workout, which is especially helpful when there’s no time to visit the gym. It gets your heart accelerating and leg muscles working, and you will feel refreshed after you get your blood pumping all over your body. Using the stairs also means you won’t have to wait for the tortoise-slow Sulz elevator.

Make use of your space!

Get enough H2O. Drinking water throughout the day has multiple amazing benefits. It keeps you hydrated, which not only keeps you physically healthy but can also help ward off sluggishness and tiredness. Drinking plenty of water can also help you stay full; this can prevent you from overeating at your next meal or indulging in an unhealthy snack.

Try mini-exercises. Doing small in-dorm exercises can get your heart rate up, tone muscles, and energize you for studying. Pushups, squats (either standing against a wall or not), planks, and sit-ups are all great ways to work out right in your dorm room. If this method works for you, you can invest in a pair of dumbbells or a yoga mat to use for in-dorm exercises.

Take a break. While studying and writing papers, it’s extremely important to take breaks. We recommend taking 30 minute breaks in between readings or during paper-writing. Watch one episode of your favorite show on Netflix, read a magazine, stalk people on Facebook, watch YouTube videos, grab a snack, or take a nap! Breaks are vital for your mental sanity and you will end up doing better on assignments.

Essential to an amazing study break.

Eat something. Studying and writing takes up a ton of energy so it’s really important to keep your body fueled. Eating food will ensure that you’re at the top of your game. Snacks like apples and peanut butter, chocolate-covered raisins, and pita chips and hummus are just a few really great options. If you don’t feed yourself, you will lose energy and fixate on your hunger, which is very distracting.

Get out of Morningside Heights. You probably decided to go to college in NYC for a reason…so explore it! Leave campus for a few hours on the weekend and see what Manhattan (and Brooklyn and Queens and the Bronx) have to offer! Grab a bite to eat with friends, go to the Met, see a Broadway show or a movie, or have a picnic in Central Park. It’s essential to get out of your daily environment to maintain mental clarity and sanity.

Molly Scott is a junior at Barnard and Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of The Bookshelf and Tested.


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